Check Point 1530 Next-Gen firewall review

The Check Point 1530 and 1530W are well suited to small and medium businesses that need a simple-to-use firewall. It’s straightforward to understand and operate. It gets automatically updated, blocks bad things, and lets in good things. (Click here to learn more about the Check Point 1530, and to get a quick quote on any bundle option!)

The Check Point 1530 offers several licensing and support options. This gives you an unusual degree of granularity when choosing your options and features. And it is a real upside of Check Point’s.

Check Point’s focus is on prevention rather than detection. In other words, blocking known and unknown cyber-attacks to ensure business continuity. Check Point’s Advanced Threat Prevention is packaged with zero-day protection and next-generation firewall technologies. It includes application control, advanced URL filtering, IPS, antivirus, anti-bot. In addition, there’s email security, policy management, monitoring and event management.

As has been said, the Check Point 1530’s strength is in it’s vast ability to be customized to your needs. They’re not intended to be as plug-and-play as some others. These are devices you build around and customize into your environment. Of course, you can use the defaults if you like. If you decide to simply use the default setting, you can be up and running in just a minute or two. But if you need to tune the system to do something just for your environment, you can find a way to do it with the Checkpoint. This granularity also gives you better visibility into your environment that many other vendors.

Tech support

And, they have an excellent Engineering and Professional Services team in place to help you to realize your goals. So there’s no guesswork; no crossing your fingers and hoping it works. These professionals will get you there.

Their support teams are top of the line. They are highly trained, because they can take those deep dives with you and understand your needs. This truly is one of Check Point’s strengths. They WILL be able to help you.

The numbers

The 1530 and 1530W offer 340 Mbps of threat prevention performance. It also delivers maximum firewall throughput of 1 Gbps. Next-Gen firewall throughput is 600 Mbps, and IPS Throughput comes in at 670 Mbps.

The 1530 is powered by Check Point’s R80 release, their exceptionally advanced security management software. Its’ SandBlast™ Zero-Day Protection includes multi-layered protection from known threats AND zero-days. Plus, it gives you antivirus, anti-bot, IPS, app control, URL filtering and identity awareness.

Check Point 1530: WHO NEEDS IT?

Small and mid-sized businesses, leaning toward mid-sized. And to get the very most out of the Check Point 1530, you’ll need someone with an IT background. Or at least a good technical acumen. But then, there’s so much you can get out of one!

The downside to plug-and-play firewalls is that sometimes they are less configurable. And it really just comes down to what your organization needs. With the Check Point 1530, you have flexibility to get what you want. However, your needs may be served perfectly well with a device that just powers up and goes to town.

Either way, why not give us a call at 877-449-0458, or reach out at [email protected]? We would love to help you decide what sort of security solution is a perfect fit for you. And we have a great deal of experience as a Check Point partner! Thanks for reading!

Highlights of the Check Point 1530

600 Mbps Next-Gen firewall throughput
340 Mbps Threat Prevention
1 Gbps Max Firewall Throughput
Highly customizeble