Time to review ESET Endpoint Protection!

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ESET is budget-friendly, effective, and easy-to-use Antivirus software. It’s a popular overall security package that’s getting a lot of really good independent reviews and customer write-ups lately.

ESET’s Endpoint Protection Standard software (selected skus are currently on sale) is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses It combines the protection of their highly popular antivirus solution along with its security product.

ESET is an excellent hosted endpoint security option for small-to-medium companies.

Over the past year, ESET has extended the platform with Remote Administrator. This is a web-based management console that monitors and controls all your endpoint devices. And, if you opt for Endpoint Protection Advanced, you’ll get additional network security features. For example, there’s a software firewall and network attack protection.

All this makes the user interface a little more difficult to learn, but with the benefit of a more robust overall product. In other words, it’s worth it.


ESET will allow you to use a cloud-hosted option, wherein the Remote Administrator is already set up for you.

However, if you decide on a private cloud set-up, you’ll need to deploy it into a virtualized environment. ESET is very flexible with this requirement, though. On the local side, they support Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare ESXi. Or, you can opt for public cloud options like Microsoft Azure, AWS, or some other system capable of hosting a virtual machine.

Either way, actual setup is painless. Once live, you can access the Remote Administrator via a web browser. The cloud service version is the more simple option. It only requires a new password, license information, and an optional static IP address.

Once that’s done, it’s time to register the devices you want to protect. You can opt to assign a policy to each group, thus overriding the default ESET config. This flexible option allows configuration of antivirus, update settings, personal firewall, web/email scanning, device control, and other features.


Once you’re up and running, the ESET’s Dashboard comes to life with useful intel that is clearly laid out and easy to understand. There are tabs across the top showing an overview of computers, the Remote Administrator Server, antivirus threats, and firewall threats. Each is clickable into a drill-down that gives detailed information. Threats, for example, can be examined down to the system level. And, each threat can be reviewed for the action taken and marked as resolved. It’s very useful and should definitely be enough for most small business settings.

The reporting module is excellent. It contains enough detail for a security audit, but not so much that it’s overwhelming to set up. Each report comes with a quick preview.

Detection Performance

ESET is clearly doing an excellent job at perfecting it’s anti-phishing capabilities. ESET also gets excellent results against malware that are tested against it. Clearly ESET’s engine is up-to-date against the latest malware threats.

ESET is also proven highly effective against vulnerability threats and active attacker scenarios, even encoded exploits.

Easy-to-use, effective security

Overall, ESET is powerful, well-designed endpoint protection. It delivers standout threat detection. Plus, it balances nicely between being easy to use and effective. The newer features, while powerful, do require a bit of a learning curve, though. ESET carries a very friendly price tag, and thus is easy to recommend to budget-conscious SMBs.

ESET highlights

– Excellent detection rates
– Easy to use remote management
– Powerful intrusion detection abilities
– A great overall value

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