Extreme AP505i Wi-Fi 6 access point review

The Extreme AP505i is a high performance, enterprise 802.11ax access point. It’s priced ideally for retail, education, hospitality and healthcare. That means it can support a high density of users and devices, while delivering an exceptional user experience.

The AP505i is powered by the WiNG 7 operating system. WiNG’s distributed architecture places the intelligence at the edge. From there, it unleashes the true capabilities and performance of Wi-Fi 6, without bottlenecks and limits. WiNG incorporates the functionality of a controller in each access point. This enables network solutions without the need of a controller. It does this with a virtual controller that supports up to 64 access points. It can also support hardware/VM controllers that can support up to 25000 access points.

Extreme AP505i security features

The Extreme AP505i provides context-based security and performance optimization. These technologies are especially designed for multi-dwelling environments. It is accomplished through an on-board stateful L2-L7 DPI firewall, advanced and customizable Quality of Service for traffic optimization, encrypted client tunneling, and more.

Private Client Groups capability helps to microsegment multi-dwelling environments without complex Wi-Fi or VLAN setups. User, device, and application profiling at the edge of the network IDs and fine-tunes network access and performance. It does this based on role and privileges. This results in secure compliant, high-performance wireless.

And the AP505i includes the latest WPA3 Wi-Fi security standard with 192-bit encryption and delivering robust protections for users and IoT devices.

Smart Sensor

The AP505i is the industry’s first Wi-Fi 6 access point with Smart Sensor. This is feature to optimally manage radios to provide the highest level of client performance. In addition, it simultaneously provides continuous RF monitoring for security threats.

The patent-pending Smart Sensor feature automates the provisioning of ADSP Sensors in client setup. But it does it without compromising security. Smart Sensor ‘smartly’configures the radio onto APs that must act as sensors covering the entire site from a wireless security perspective. This results in less work for network engineers.

And, the AP505i uses ExtremeAI and SmartRFin its AI/ML technology to monitor and adjust Wi-Fi radios. This achieves the best coverage and greatest client performance, even in tough RF environments.


The Extreme AP505i delivers exceptional end-user experience. Even in dense user environments such as stadiums, large public venues, convention centers and school auditoriums.

It is designed to be easy to set up, easy to manage over large number of users, and tough to break in to. If you would like to know more about the Extreme AP505i Wi-Fi 6 access point, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!

Highlights of the Extreme AP505i

Uses a virtual controller that supports up to 64 access points
Cellular Coexistence Filter minimizes interference from cellular networks
Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee for IoT connectivity
4×4:4 MU-MIMO
On-board stateful L2-L7 firewall