FortiExtender 211E – By the numbers

The FortiExtender 211E is part of a family of 3G/4G Wireless WAN extenders. This is not to be confused with Wi-Fi. Integrating with FortiGate firewalls, it provides a secure 3G/4G connection.

FortiExtenders are truly plug-and-play. Once connected to the FortiGate, they simply show up in FortiOS, providing single pane of glass management.

The FortiExtender 211E connects to the FortiGate using a standard Ethernet cable. They can be physically separate from the FortiGate, which allows for installation near a window or outdoors to optimize 3G/4G signal strength.

The FEX-211E is also suitable for use as a secondary failover connection to the wired WAN link. In this capacity it will improve business continuity. And as a primary WAN link, it provides ultimate flexibility and choice for your WAN connectivity. And Power over Ethernet capability increases placement flexibility even further.

Install FortiExtenders in the best possible spot to achieve maximum signal strength. The FEX-211E is PoE capable, and both indoor and outdoor models are available. This enables the device to be located for optimal signal strength. And that can be up to 100m away from the FortiGate or Network Switch.

FEX-211E=Flexible LAN Connectivity…

FortiExtender 211E offers four LAN Ethernet ports, just like the 201E. These enable multiple connections to the LTE connection. Each connected FortiGate can be directly connected to the FortiExtender.

…Flexible WAN Connectivity

The FortiExtender 211E has new WAN connectivity options with an Ethernet WAN port, in addition to the LTE WAN links. With it, you can connect to a DSL, cable, or another modem for additional connectivity options. Load-balancing and failover enable you to manage your WAN connections across several options. This ensures connectivity at the best price point.

…and Flexible LTE Connectivity

All FortiExtender LTE appliances support dual SIM cards per radio. This enables you to use two different ISPs for LTE connectivity. While only one SIM card can be active on any radio, the dual SIM option enables you to switch between ISPs to optimize connectivity and minimize costs.

For example, you can configure the FortiExtender to utilize the link from ISP A until a certain data usage threshold is reached. Then, FortiExtender can automatically shift over to ISP B and use that LTE connection.

Designed for top signal strength, the FEX-211E can be indoors or outdoors (up to 100m from the FortiGate appliance or network switch) without using lossy antenna cables or limited strength USB modems. The FEX-211E has 1 x Dual SIM 3G/4G LTE CAT12 (1200 Mbps) modem. It also has 5 GE RJ45 ports, and three SMA external antennas.

Advantages of the FortiExtender 211E

The differences between the FEX-201E and the FEX211E are that the latter has greater regional compatability (Global), and more 4G LTE bands.

FortiExtender offers wireless connectivity for nearly any network. Whether mobile sites, vehicle fleets, field forces, or OT and IoT environments, a FortiExtender exists to help you gain resilient, high-performance connectivity. Anywhere.

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