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EMC VNXe 3200 Series

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Palo Alto Networks Next-Gen Firewalls
Palo Alto Networks is partnering with some of the most demanding industries to ensure their data and critical infrastructure remain safe from targeted cyberattacks. These organizations have learned firsthand the power of a next-generation security platform when it comes to safely enabling the use of all applications, maintaining complete visibility and control, and confidently pursuing new business ventures, while protecting the organization from the latest cyberthreat. We invite you to explore the details of this platform.
Palo Alto Networks PA-Series Hardware Firewalls
Palo Alto Networks offers a full line of next-generation security appliances that range from the PA-200, designed for enterprise remote offices, to the PA-7050, which is a modular chassis designed for high-speed datacenters. Our platform architecture is based on our single-pass software engine and uses function-specific processing for networking, security, threat prevention, and management to deliver predictable performance.
PAN-PA-3050-GP-5YR Palo Alto Networks PA-3050 GlobalProtect Gateway subscription for 5 years

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PAN-SVC-STND-7080 Palo Alto PA-7080 Standard Support for 1 year

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PAN-PA-4020-WF-3YR Palo Alto Networks PA-4020 WildFire subscription for 3 years

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PAN-PA-2050-GP-3YR Palo Alto Networks PA-2050 GlobalProtect Gateway subscription for 3 years

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Palo Alto Networks Virtual VM Firewalls
The VM-Series supports the exact same next-generation firewall and advanced threat prevention features available in our physical form factor appliances, allowing you to safely enable applications flowing into, and across your private, public and hybrid cloud computing environments. Automation features such as VM monitoring, dynamic address groups and a REST-based API allow you to proactively monitor VM changes dynamically feeding that context into security policies, thereby eliminating the policy lag that may occur when your VMs change.
PAN-VM-1000-HV-GP-3YR Palo Alto Networks VM-1000-HV GlobalProtect Gateway subscription for 3 years

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PAN-SVC-PREM-VM-300 Palo Alto Networks VM-300 Premium Support for 1 Year

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PAN-VM-200-WF-5YR Palo Alto Networks VM-200 WildFire subscription for 5 years

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PAN-VM-200-TP-5YR Palo Alto Networks VM-200 Threat prevention subscription for 5 years

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