ISL Online Remote Desktop: Help for those hard-to-reach places!

ISL Online remote desktop software

The the market for remote administration software is huge and growing. Software such as ISL Online Remote Desktop is a product with which one can access a remote PC to solve a problem. In other words, tech support. We have a number of ways for you to take advantage of ISL Online’s powerful, friendly features. For example, there’s a limited-time offer for 1-2 one-year licenses for $469 going on RIGHT NOW at Corporate Armor. Or, you can try ISL Online Premium 24×7 Tech Support for just $139/year. In addition, there’s a cool pay-per-use option for $145, as well.

Do you need to be able to reach across a country or the world to perform complex actions on a remote device? If so, security, usability, and reliability are going to be paramount.

However, not all Remote Desktop products are all that easy to use. End users are understandably leery of products that are cumbersome and opaque. It is essential to be able to easily download and start the connection tool, enter a technician-supplied access code, and then just send a few confirmations that the expert is allowed to connect to the computer. Of course, the tool should not require any installation or configuration.

Such software consists of two parts. First, a host, which is also called a server. Second, a client. The host is the software that receives the remote access connection, so it runs on the computer of the person seeking help. On the other side is the expert, or viewer, providing the remote help. Usually, the technician provides the customer with a url, with which he or she connects. Alternatively, some vendors provide the ability to set up a landing page you can go to to get the connection. Then, it’s off to the races.

Meet ISL Online Remote Desktop

ISL Online is a remote desktop software designed for pretty much any industry including healthcare, information technology, universities, government, and banks. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Some of the key features of ISL Online include screen sharing, permission management, unattended access to remote computers, chat messaging, session recording, WakeOnLAN, and RDP routing.

This is a great product that just works. Period. There is very low overhead with this software, users don’t need to install anything and remote support can be up and running within half a minute from call. Just give the customer the session code, connect quickly and you can support your client’s needs quickly and easily. You can set up unattended access and remote into clients after they have gone home to fix issues so they don’t have any downtime.

Cool Features

Beyond basic remote access, various competitors offer a lot of different features. Chat functions, a module for file exchange and a shared clipboard are standard. However, ISL Online gives you the ability to move files back and forth. This is a capability that not all remote access solutions have, by any means. ISL also has other differentiators.

For example, it gives you the ability to draw things on the remote screen, and there’s an option to send session invitations by mail or video telephony. In addition, you can save sessions as video files, and you can operate dedicated landing pages where end users can download the remote maintenance program easily.

And, ISL Online uses the RSA 2048/4096-bit public/private key exchange to negotiate symmetrical AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption. This offers very solid protection for the data transfer between the local and remote computer.

All in all, ISL Online easily holds it’s own in an increasingly crowded field of competitors. It’s niche is high-value, high usability. ISL both easy to own and easy to operate. Connection, setup and operation are straightforward and the feature range is convincing.

Corporate Armor is proud to not only partner with ISL, but to recommend them highly. If you have any questions, please email us or call 877-449-0459. Thanks for reading!

ISL Online Highlights

– File Exchange and Shared Clipboard

– Unattended access to remote computers

– Invitations via email /telephony

– Dedicated landing pages