ISL Online named FrontRunner for Remote Support Software

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We are excited to announce that ISL Online has been named a FrontRunner for Remote Support Software. The announcement was made by Software Advice, a Gartner company. Ratings from real software users put ISL Online ahead of Teamviewer and many other well-known remote support software products. They were rated for usability and customer satisfaction.

“We know that only products that earn top user ratings make the cut as FrontRunners. We are very proud that our customers recognize the quality of our service and the hard work behind it. Feedback from our customers is extremely important in helping us develop ISL Light remote support in the right direction, adapting and updating its features to meet the changing needs of today’s flexible business environments,” says Jure Pompe, CEO of ISL Online.

Making an informed decision based on real user experience

FrontRunners is a program designed to help businesses better evaluate the benefits of software. It is especially geared to smaller businesses. The goal is to decide which solution might be best for their business.

FrontRunners evaluated ISL Online along with 51 other remote support solutions. However, only those with the best end-user reviews and product data made the list. To date, ISL Online has received 257 reviews. They have earned a total of 4.74 out of 5 stars.

Software Advice Front Runners Quadrant
ISL Online ranks among top three remote support providers for Usability. They are also top four for Customer satisfaction. The Usability score is a weighted average of end-user ratings on Functionality and Ease of use. The customer satisfaction score is a weighted average of Value for money, Likelihood to recommend and Customers support.

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ISL Online among top remote support of 2021, says

Recently, ISL Online was named the best remote support software by Their research team conducted a 40-hour evaluation of over 70 solutions. The research experts evaluated systems with essential features and robust reporting capabilities. Then, they selected the 15 winning solutions.

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About ISL Online

ISL Online is a remote support solution for virtually all industries. This includes healthcare, information technology, universities, government and banking. It’s used by IT professionals from around the world who describe it as very easy to use and reliable. Key features include screen sharing, user management, and unattended access to remote computers. In addition, there’s chat messaging, session recording, WakeOnLAN and RDP routing. ISL Online has been providing reliable remote support services since 2001.

About Software Advice

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ISL Online differentiators:

Multi-monitor support and quick screen toggle
Dedicated landing pages
Invitations via email /telephony
File Exchange and Shared Clipboard
Real-time chat and audio
Unattended access to remote computers
Session Recording