How the Meraki MT series works with MV cameras, MR access points

The Meraki MT series are environmental sensors. There are four of them, the MT10, MT11, MT12, and MT20 in the family. Now, firewalls or access points within the same family typically all do the same thing. The only difference is basically how fast they do it, and for how many users.

Sort of the same, but different

But the members of the MT series all do different things. Their missions are each quite simple, but also very important. The MT10 temperature and humidity sensor provides real time visibility into your physical environment. It helps you understand trends about your physical environment. You can increase HVAC efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, minimize inventory loss or prevent downtime of business-critical assets. Things like that.

The MT11 is an indoor temperature probe sensor. The MT11 is designed for refrigerated environments. Even freezing ones. The MT11 has a significantly greater temperature sensor range than the MT10, from -40°C – 55°C (-40°F – 131°F). By contrast, the MT10 goes from 0°C – 55°C (32F° – 131F°).

The MT12 is a water leak detection sensor. It helps protect from failed HVAC systems, adverse weather conditions, and leaky pipes. Finally, the MT20 is an open/close sensor. Pretty self-explanatory. It provides real time visibility into your environment. It does this by using magnetic fields to determine positioning, and can detect when doors are opened or closed. This allows organizations to detect intrusions and understand usage trends.

So how does the Meraki MT series work with MV cameras and MR access points?

These are much less complex devices than a firewall or access point. As a result, to achieve the marvelous, cloud-managed ease-of-use that all Merakis have, they need a lift from another device. So MT series sensors automatically pairs with Wi-Fi 6 MR access points and 2nd Generation MV smart cameras. This gives near-instant setup and seamless scalability.

You can quickly set up and manage as many Meraki MT series sensors as you want, to monitor temperature, humidity, leaks, and intrusion. Just insert the batteries and add to the dashboard. Then peel and stick. It’s literally that simple. MT environmental sensors automatically connect to existing MR and MV devices. No more on-premise servers, dedicated gateways, and management software.

And since MT sensors protect the physical environment firewalls and access points live in while they enable and protect the virtual environment, it could be thought of as a symbiotic relationship.


IT networking may revolve around a ‘virtual’ ecosystem, but it has a very real, very physical ‘skeleton’ of components that need protecting from very physical dangers. Everything from humidity, to flooding, to fire, to theft and a whole lot more. And the Meraki MT series serves as the ‘eyes’ that can see what video cameras can’t. Unlike other sensors, they do it affordably and easily. They cost so much less in money, management, and expertise than the assets they watch over that they’re almost a no-brainer. It took Meraki to bring this technology to street level for the rest of us. And Corporate Armor is waiting to help answer any questions you have. So please email us or call 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!