Palo Alto Cortex XDR – Extended Detection and Response

First of all, an introduction: Palo Alto Cortex XDR is, as they tell it, the world’s first extended detection and response platform that gathers and integrates all security data to stop sophisticated attacks. It unifies prevention, detection, investigation, and response in one platform. And it is either cloud-based, or on-prem, based on your preference.

And, Palo Alto Cortex XDR received the highest combined detection and protection scores in the MITRE ATT&CK® round 3 evaluation. So it’s no joke.

The thing is, Threat detection often requires analysts to divide their attention among many different data streams. Cortex brings that vast amount of data together. This allows analysis to happen from a single location.

User friendly

Palo Alto Cortex is often noted for this. It has a clean, intuitive interface, which is important when you have this much data pouring in. Cortex doesn’t take much of an on-ramp to get up to speed. It is also easy to set up initially. Cortex is just easy to use, and has a light footprint that doesn’t tax your system noticeably.

What do real people say about Cortex?

In addition to being user-friendly, the ability to kind of stitch everything together and see the actual complete picture is very useful. It’s like having a real-time playbook. It’s truly a forensics analysis of what happens on particular endpoints when malicious behavior is detected, and what led up to the incident and caused it.

Another popular feature is that Cortex can automatically correlate events and logs. This is very helpful for an IT administrator. It’s nice not to have to do that manually.

And, it provides behavior-based detection which offers many benefits over signature-based detection. Plus, Palo Alto is offered as a cloud solution, which means it’s very flexible in serving internal and external connections and a broad range of devices.

Features and benefits of Palo Alto Cortex XDR

Laser-accurate detection: Cortex XDR uses machine learning to profile behavior and detect anomalies indicative of attack. Analytics lets you spot adversaries attempting to blend in with legitimate users.

Lightning-fast investigation and response: Cortex investigates threats quickly by getting a complete picture of each attack. It includes alerts, artifacts and MITRE tactics with incident management.View the root cause of any alert with a single click and swiftly stop attacks across your environment.

EEP (Excellent Endpoint Protection!): Block advanced malware, exploits and fileless attacks. The lightweight Cortex agent stops threats with Behavioral Threat Protection, AI and cloud-based analysis.

Cortex Machine Learning finds hidden threats like insider abuse, credential attacks, malware and exfiltration using behavioral analytics. And Incident Management cuts investigation time with a cool feature called intelligent alert grouping. Incident scoring lets you focus on the threats that matter.

And, Palo Alto’s deep forensics allows you to conduct deep internal and regulatory investigations, even if endpoints are not connected to the network. You can also block fast-moving attacks, isolate endpoints, execute scripts and sweep across your entire environment to contain threats in real time.

Prevent the very latest

The Cortex XDR agent safeguards endpoints from malware, exploits, and fileless attacks with
AI-driven local analysis and behavior-based protection. Organizations can stop never- before-seen threats.It can also identify evasive threats with superb accuracy. It does this by continuously profiling user and endpoint behavior with analytics. Machine learning models analyze data from Palo Alto and third-party sources. It uncovers stealthy attacks targeting managed and unmanaged devices.

Cortex XDR gathers data from any source. This enables you to broaden the scope of threat hunting across your entire environment. It automatically stitches together endpoint, network, cloud, and identity data to accurately detect attacks and simplify investigations.

With Palo Alto Cortex XDR, your analysts can examine alerts from any source with a single click. This includes third-party tools. This greatly streamlines investigations.

How cool is this?

Cortex automatically reveals the root cause, reputation, and sequence of events for each alert, lowering the experience level needed to verify an attack. By consolidating alerts into incidents, Cortex XDR slashes the number of individual alerts to review. This alleviates alert fatigue. Each incident provides a complete picture of an attack, with key artifacts and integrated threat intelligence details, accelerating investigations.

Corporate Armor has partnered with Palo Alto for years, and we would love to recommend Palo Alto Cortex for your business. It’s tough to go wrong with any Palo Alto security solution, and Cortex is no exception. Why not email us or call 877-449-0458 and let us give you a very quick, VERY competitive quote? Thanks for reading!

Palo Alto Cortex XDR magic tricks

AI-driven local analysis and behavior-based protection
Broadens the scope of threat hunting across your entire environment
Investigates threats quickly by getting a complete picture of each attack
Finds hidden threats like insider abuse, credential attacks, malware and exfiltration

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