FortiGate Ruggedized firewalls

Fortinet’s FortiGate Ruggedized line of firewalls is comprised of the FGR-30D, FGR-35D, FGR-60D, FGR-90D, FGR-60F, and the FGR-60F-3G4G. The 60D and 90D are, however, being gradually phased out. Of course, traditional firewalls are intended for the world of offices and corporations. Not these guys. They deliver specialized threat protection for critical industrial and control networks in all sorts of settings. These are industrially-hardened, fanless, all-in-one appliances made of robust components. That’s to ensure reliable operation in harsh industrial environments.

In other words, they’re built like tanks.

Consolidated Security Architecture

The Fortinet operating system is just as tough as the firewalls themselves. FortiOS consolidated security offers better protection and lower cost of ownership than multiple point products. Coupled with FortiGuard Industrial Security Service, it ensures that critical networks receive real-time protection, all the time.


In terms of performance, FortiGate Ruggedized firewalls line up with their non-ruggedized counerparts. The FGR-30D pushes 16 Mbps of Threat Inspection, 50 Mbps of SSL Inspection, has 4x GE RJ45 ports, and is IP20 rated.

The FGR-35D pushes 16 Mbps of Threat Inspection, 55 Mbps of SSL Inspection, has 3x GE RJ45 ports, and is IP67 rated. The FGR-60F reaches up to 500 Mbps of Threat Inspection, and 460 Mbps of SSL Inspection, and it has 4x GE RJ45 ports and 2 shared media ports, and is IP20 rated. So it’s a LOT faster, and this is due to the SoC4 SPU that the F-series FortiGates have.The FGR-60F-3G4G is the same as the FGR-60F, butt also has a Dual-SIM (active/passive) interface. It has an integrated 3G4G modem for ruggedized and mission-critical applications.

And, just like all other FortiGates, these are very easy to set up and manage. In common with the other F series appliances, these are SECURE SD-WAN firewalls.

They’re SD-WHAT?

SD-WAN firewalls are a Fortinet innovation. Basically, think of yourself being in a castle, behind a very strong wall. FortiGate Ruggedized firewalls protect what’s inside your perimeter, and what’s on the freeways leading out of it, too.

It’s a big deal because SD-WAN allows offices to connect over the internet. And, when you have SD-WAN built into your firewall, you can do so quite securely. Additionally, an SD-WAN firewall eliminates the need for a dedicated network connection.

SD-WAN gives extra secure, quick access to cloud-connected applications so important these days. For example, think of Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce, and Office 365.

And, all SD-WAN FortiGates are managed in the same Management Center, by the same Fortinet Security Fabric. From it you can manage your entire network, with all devices, in one window. Terms like “zero-touch deployment,” and “do-it-yourself,” mean it’s super-easy to get up and running, and stay that way.

Some more numbers

The FGR-30D and FGR-35D can handle 2 access points and 8 FortiSwitches each. The FGR-60F/3G4G can handle 30 access points, and 10 in tunnel mode. It can run 16 FortiSwitches.

Lastly, Fortinet gives you an unusual degree of flexibility in your licensing options. As a result, you can license up or down according to your needs. This makes FortiGate Ruggedized firewalls surprisingly scalable. You will end up with the security bundle that’s right for you!

So call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458, or reach out at [email protected]. We have certified Fortinet specialists on staff, and we can’t wait to server you!

FortiGate Rugged datasheet

FortiGate Ruggedized firewalls key features

FGR-30D – Ruggedized compact security appliance with DIN mounting kit
FGR-35D – Security appliance with IP67 rating for outdoor environment
FGR-60D – 1.5 Gbps Firewall Throughput, 23 Mbps Threat Protection Throughput
FGR-90D – 2 Gbps Firewall Throughput, 280 Mbps Threat Protection Throughput
FGR-60F – New SPU SoC4-powered for rugged and harsh environments
FGR-60F-3G4G – Integrated 3G4G modem for ruggedized and mission-critical applications