Fortinet Trade-Up Promotion: All the beans

We’ve been promoting the Fortinet Trade-Up Promotion for some time now, and this seems like a good time for a complete overview of what it is.

The various promotions and content have thus far focused on individual models that are available to you if you upgrade. We’ve featured several important models, such as the FG-40F and FG-60F, that are available at a discount though this special. But there’s a lot more legacy models out there that are on the eligible list than we’ve really communicated so far.

The way it works

The Fortinet Trade-Up Program helps ensure that you have access to the latest Fortinet hardware, while benefitting from true cost savings. We can’t talk specifics, because it’s an individualized discount. But they can be quite significant. So if you have one of the legacy models eligible for upgrade, and you want to take advantage, it’s definitely worth emailing us or calling Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. It’s even possible to benefit from the ability to transfer existing services contracts.

The eligible models

Let’s start with the FortiGates:
FortiGate-30E, FortiGate-50E, FortiGate-52E, FortiGate-60E, FortiGate-60C PoE, FortiGate Ruggedized 60D, FortiGate-61E, FortiGate-81E, FortiGate Ruggedized 90D, FortiGate-100E, FortiGate-101E, and the FortiGate-140D PoE. There’s more FortiGates, but we’ll stop there. The FortiAPs involved in the Fortinet Trade-Up Promotion are FortiAP-224E, FortiAP-421E, FortiAP-423E, FortiAP-222E, FortiAP-231E, and FortiAP-321E.

Of course, there are also FortiWiFis. They are FortiWiFi-60E and FortiWiFi-61E. In addition, there’s the FortiSwitch-448D, FortiSwitch-448D-PoE, FortiSwitch-and FortiSwitch-448D-FPoE. There’s also the FortiAnalyzer-200D, FortiAnalyzer-200F, FortiAnalyzer-300D, FortiAnalyzer-300F, and FortiAnalyzer-400E.

There are also some FortiManagers, as well. For example, the FortiManager-200D, FortiManager-200F, and FortiManager-1000D.

By jumping in on Fortinet’s TradeUp Promotion, you get the latest Fortinet gear. That means improved performance, updated security, and an advanced feature set, all while benefiting from the program’s cost savings – and these savings are significant, on both hardware and services!

So please reach out to Corporate Armor, or call 877-449-0458 to discuss the options available for your trade up, including the transfer of your existing services contract to a new device. We’ll evaluate your current needs as well as your plans for growth to ensure the perfect fit for your business goals.

Why take advantage of the Fortinet Trade-Up Program?

Get the LATEST Fortinet gear at the LOWEST POSSIBLE price!
Improved performance
Improved security
Radically advanced new FortiSOC processors!