Fortigate-60F: Why You Should Upgrade!

Fortinet recently started releasing their F series Fortigate devices with some major enhancements over their previous models. I was able to get my hands on the Fortigate-60F, and so far, I’m impressed. A lot of times companies release new models with a few new features, maybe a couple extra bells and whistles, but nothing to write home about. With the 60F, that’s not the case. Fortinet has made some HUGE improvements to an already impressive firewall. The Fortigate-60F is designed for environments of around 25 users or less. So it’s perfect for a small business, or enterprise branch location. So why should you consider upgrading to the latest and greatest Fortinet firewall? Let’s take a look at just a few reasons to consider upgrading to the Fortigate 60F.


As more and more businesses are adopting SD-WAN architectures, Fortinet has made some major strides to make sure the Fortigate-60F can not only handle setting up SD-WAN connections, but to make these connections secure, fast, and easier to configure. FortiGate-60F consolidates SD-WAN, advanced routing, and advanced security capabilities into a single appliance that enables network leaders to deploy Secure SD-WAN quickly and easily, while also reducing complexity by consolidating point products into a single offering. This allows high performance and improved user experience at an optimal total cost of ownership (TCO). The Fortigate-60F delivers best-in-class application steering, giving visibility to all traffic (even if encrypted) without impacting performance and ensuring all critical applications are routed to their best path.

Speed of the Fortigate-60F

I don’t know how they did it, but Fortinet worked some kind of magic with the Fortigate-60F. Typically SMB’s have to decide what they value more in a firewall, speed or protection. If you want to experience higher speeds, you have to skimp on security. If you want to apply multiple layers of security, you lose speed. Usually you don’t get the best of both worlds until you get into the higher classes of firewalls. Unfortunately, these higher end firewalls are not priced for smaller businesses. But fear not SMB’s. With the Fortigate-60F you can have both. The 60F firewall throughput is 10Gbps. That is 15x faster than the industry average! With Threat Protection enabled, you get .7 Gbps throughput. That’s 4x faster than the industry average! Even with SSL inspection enabled you still get a .75 Gbps throughput, which is 11x the industry standard!


So now that I’ve hyped up the speed and performance of the Fortigate-60F, let’s take a look under the hood. Rather than outsource their chips, Fortinet develops their own chipsets. The newest  ASIC(application specific integrated chip) SOC4(system on a chip) is a beast. This chip is what makes this system great. The ASIC SOC4 chip was designed to handle secure SD-WAN. In fact, Fortinet says that it is the worlds first SD-WAN specifi ASIC. Using the ASIC SOC4 chip the FortiGate 60F can handle both the SD-WAN and security stack on the same chip.

So to recap, if you have an office of 25 users or less and you want a firewall that can provide multiple levels of protection, provides secure SD-WAN, and allows for some pretty high throughputs, I would definitely recommend checking out the Fortigate-60F If you’d like to know more about the 60F, or any other Fortinet product, contact Corporate Armor. Our security experts can help you determine the best product fit for your business.

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