Aerohive HiveAP 340 Access Point, Industrial/Indoor, Dual Radio, 3×3 Antennas, 802.11a/b/g/n, 2x GbE, No Power Supply/Antennas

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The Aerohive Networks HiveAP 340 access point provides high-performance, dual concurrent (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n, 3×3 MIMO as well as dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports. The HiveAP 340 adds support for redundant power (Power over Ethernet) as well.

Dual Ethernet ports allow the access points to use link aggregation to bond 100Mbps links or ensure reliability with redundant links. This allows the performance advantage of dual radio 802.11n to be seen even when connected through legacy 10/100 switches. When connected to two separate switches, the dual links can be used for redundant data connectivity in case one of the switches fails.

The HiveAP 340 is rated for extended temperature ranges, and designed for locations such as warehouses, industrial environments, distribution centers, and other areas where you would require extended temperature range or the ability to support different antennas.

Software Features

All HiveAPs support the feature-rich HiveOS service architecture. HiveOS is an implementation of Aerohive’s Cooperative Control Architecture which enables multiple APs to organize into groups or “hives,” that share control information enabling functions such as fast layer-2/layer-3 roaming, cooperative RF management, security and mesh networking without requiring a dedicated system controller. The resulting feature-rich capability enables a next generation wireless LAN architecture, called a Cooperative Control Wireless LAN Architecture. This architecture provides the benefi ts of a controller-based implementation, yet has a lower deployment/ownership cost, is more reliable, more scalable, higher performing and more suitable for today’s proliferation of wireless applications than controller-based architectures.

Network Management Solutions
Aerohive’s HiveManager NMS is a central management solution for Aerohive HiveAPs. HiveManager supports simple policy creation, firmware upgrades, confi guration updates, and centralized monitoring throughout the entire Aerohive deployment, whether building-wide, campus-wide, or global – all from a single console. Because the HiveManager is not actively involved in passing traffi c or in making forwarding decisions, it eliminates the traffi c bottlenecks and complexities of controller-based solutions, particularly in geographically distributed environments. As a result, control is distributed, while management is centralized. Essentially, the HiveManager solution delivers the benefi ts of both autonomous APs and controller-based solutions, without the drawbacks of either approach.

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