Aerohive HiveManager Classic Online Subscription for One VG1U VPN Gateway – Includes 1 Year Global Select Support


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Aerohive VPN Gateway – Scalable VPN tunnel termination appliance

The Aerohive VPN Gateway is a single, rapidly deployable VPN termination appliance that is scalable to handle thousands of VPN connections from Aerohive’s branch routers. Combined with the HiveOS routing intelligence, the VPN Gateway enables breakthrough ease of branch office provisioning and management with license-free pricing that’s made Aerohive the networking partner choice of thousands of organizations around the world.

Key Features and Benefits

Scalable VPN Termination
The VPN Gateway has been developed to terminate thousands of Layer 2 and Layer 3 IPsec VPN terminations at headquarters while making it extremely easy to set up for IT. It is a pre-integrated appliance that is desired by organizations that prefer a single, hardware box as opposed to installing or configuring a VMware-based solution. In addition, the VPN Gateway provides investment protection by being able to scale up to 4,000 VPN tunnels without purchasing or deploying any additional licenses. Customers can start small and don’t have to worry about purchasing additional licenses to add more capacity when needed. The VPN Gateway can also terminate thousands of GRE tunnels for guest traffic from Aerohive access points.

Dynamic Routing Integration
The VPN Gateway can integrate with standards-based dynamic routing protocols such as OpenShortest Path First (OSPF) and Routing Information Protocol version 2 (RIPv2) to collect routing information from corporate routers and distribute the necessary information to the Aerohive Branch Routers. Similarly, it can also collect routing information from branch router devices and advertise it to surrounding corporate devices to provide paths to the remote networks. Dynamic routing capabilities allow efficient use of WAN resources, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance remote site survivability.

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