APC PVR 1-Outlet Surge Suppressor PVR


APC PVR 1-Outlet Surge Suppressor
Catastrophic Event Protection – Basic Surge Protector components such as MOVs and Thermal fuses ensure instantaneous reaction to lightning strikes and wiring faults. If the surge components are damaged due to power spike or over voltage, excess power cannot reach your equipment. Unlike APC Surge Protector products, most surge suppressors continue to let power through even after circuits have been damaged, leaving your equipment exposed to other damaging surges..

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APC PVR 1-Outlet Surge Suppressor

The PVR 1-Outlet Surge Suppressor module protects the cable input to video/cable/modem equipment against surges and spikes caused by lightning and electrostatic discharge (ESD). It is compatible with cable television (CATV), digital satellite system (DSS), television, video cassette recorder (VCR), cable modem and TV antenna equipment. It is also compatible with many DSS units having operating voltages below 26 volts DC. The PVR is recognized by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) as a secondary protector.

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