Aruba HP Enterprise Feature License Bundle – Includes 1 of Each of LIC-AP, LIC-PEF, LIC-RFP and LIC-AW


Aruba Enterprise License Bundle – License – 1 Access Point
Install the product on PC with few easy steps and experience all the features offered by this awesome product.
1 Access Point can access the software with a peace of mind.

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Aruba Mobility Controllers create a single, unified network that manages wired and wireless access across indoor, outdoor and remote locations. Aware of all network devices, users, applications and locations, Mobility Controllers also maintain configurations and automate software updates for other Aruba Mobility Controllers, Mobility Access Switches and access points (APs). Running the ArubaOS operating system, Mobility Controllers support integrated capabilities, including the stateful ICSA-certified Policy Enforcement Firewall™ (PEF™) with Aruba AppRF technology, RFProtect™ spectrum analyzer and wireless intrusion protection, the Virtual Intranet Access™ (VIA™) agent for secure remote connectivity, advanced cryptography, and Adaptive Radio Management™ (ARM™) to optimize Wi-Fi client behavior. ArubaOS® is the operating system and application engine for all Aruba Mobility Controllers and wireless LAN (WLAN) access devices. The software architecture of ArubaOS is designed for scalable performance, and is built using three core components. First, a hardened, multicore, multithreaded supervisory kernel manages administration, authentication, logging and other system operation functions. Second, an embedded real-time operating system powers dedicated packet-processing hardware, implementing all routing, switching and firewall functions. Third, a programmable encryption/decryption engine built on dedicated hardware delivers client-to-core encryption for wireless user data traffic and software VPN clients. ArubaOS comes with an extensive set of capabilities. Aruba’s Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology employs infrastructure-based controls to optimize Wi-Fi client behavior and automatically ensures that Aruba access points (APs) stay clear of interference, resulting in a more reliable, higher performance WLAN infrastructure. To protect wired network resources from wireless threats, ArubaOS delivers the industry’s leading integrated rogue AP classification and containment solution. Optional software modules are also available for added functionality and are enabled through license keys. Optional modules include the Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF), RFProtect™ wireless security and spectrum analysis capabilities, Advanced Cryptography for military-grade Suite B encryption, and xSec advanced Layer 2 encryption. Aruba’s Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) software client enables secure IPSec VPN connectivity back to corporate resources for road-warriors when they are away from the office.

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