Barracuda F80 Next Gen Firewall (Hardware Only)

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Barracuda Networks is an industry leader for three distinct markets. They are a leader in security appliances, whose offerings protect from threats over email, Web, and IM. Barracuda Networks has a tremendously strong security heritage and an expansive solution set. And the Barracuda F80 is certainly no exception. Their networking products improve application delivery and network access with SSL VPN, Internet link load balancing, and server load balancing products. Additionally, Barracuda offers world-class solutions for backup and data protection. These include message archiving, backup software and appliances, and offsite backup services.

Features of the F80

The Barracuda F80 CloudGen firewall offers Advanced Threat Protection, Malware Protection, and Intrusion prevention. It also has Web filtering, User identity awareness, and more. Total firewall throughput for the F80 is 2 Gbps, VPN throughput is 720 Mbps, and NGFW throughput is 400 Mbps. Full threat protection throughput is 380 Mbps, and you can run 80,000 concurrent sessions.

The F80 has centralized management of all functionality. So, you can manage traffic regulations and profiling from a single location. It also connects securely with SD-WAN. This allows cloud access through a single gateway. You can also replace MPLS with up to 24 broadband connections per VPN tunnel. This will help lower costs, increase performance, and eliminate redundancy. You can read more about SD-WAN here.

Their proprietary TINA VPN tunnels are excellent for connecting multiple sites. Once set up they are reliable and robust. And they feature encrypted backups.

Cloud management

Cloud management offers great agility and flexibility. And the CloudGen Firewall F-Series offers fully-automated protection. Plus, it operates across multiple cloud deployments.

Barracudas are very easy to manage once up and running. And their support is talented and always willing to help resolve issues. It’s a real strong point of theirs. You can manage Barracudas from anywhere with Barracuda cloud control. You can even run firmware updates from your phone on all you Barracuda devices.

Barracuda F80 highlights

– 2 Gbps firewall throughput
– 720 Mbps VPN throughput
– 400 Mbps NGFW throughput
– 80,000 concurrent sessions



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