Barracuda Security Suite IS300 Integrated Web Filter & Firewall – Includes 5 Years Energize Updates and Instant Replacement

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Protect your most vulnerable threat vectors without performance compromises
Have you secured all your threat vectors? Hackers look for any point of entry into your network. Each one of these entry points is a threat vectors that needs to be secured from attacks. Leaving even one threat vector unprotected puts your entire network and data at risk. Barracuda Security Suite protects three of the most vulnerable threat vectors without performance compromises.

The Barracuda Security Suite includes three best-of-breed network security solutions in one integrated platform to create a strong security posture against current and future threats.

Barracuda Firewall: Provides next-generation app control at a granular level, enabling administrators to grant permissions and regulate app usage to prevent network intrusions.

Barracuda Web Filter: Provides content filtering and malware, virus and spyware protection, blocking website exposure for increased productivity.

Barracuda Spam Firewall: Provides inbound and outbound email filtering to prevent email-borne threats and data leaks.

Today’s businesses need a method to secure their network from multiple threat vectors without compromising features or performance. The Barracuda Security Suite offers a new way to provide integrated security using best-of-breed components, at an affordable price.

Bestof-breed Products
The Barracuda Security Suite includes comprehensive network, content, and email security solutions, easily managed from a single pane of glass. These best-of-breed components provide full-featured security functionality without any limitations or restrictions.

Integrated Platform
The Barracuda Security Suite is an integrated platform providing seamless functionality and management. It is preconfigured
for ease of deployment and use.

Secure All Your Threat Vectors
The Barracuda Security Suite defends against attacks using Barracuda Real-Time Protection providing comprehensive updates to protect your network from zero-hour vulnerabilities.

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