Battery Technology BTI 90W AC Adapter for NotebooksFor Notebook90W AC-2090121


BTI 90W AC Adapter for Notebooks
It supplies continuous power to your gadgets.
Delivers 20 V DC to ensure that your device is always ready to use.
Up to 90 W maximum power output.
4.50 A current helps your device charge quickly.

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BTI 90W AC Adapter for Notebooks

Additional information

Weight 1.96 lbs
Dimensions 5.60 × 7.40 × 2.00 in
Product Type AC Adapter
Compatibility <b> Lenovo - IBM Products:</b><br /> T530 2394-5VU, T530 2429-42G, T530 2429-45G, T530 2429-5TG, T530 2429-5UG, T530 2429-8AG, T530 2429-8GG, T530I 2392, T530I 2392-CMG, T60P 1952, T60P 1956, T60P 2007, T60P 6369, T61 6461, T61 6464, T61 6465, T61 8895, S230U 3347-7EU, S230U 3347-83U, W500 4064, W500 4065, X131E 3367-8EU, X131E 3367-8FU, X131E 3367-8GU, X131E 3367-98U, X131E 3367-9BU, X131E 3372-2NU, X131E 3372-2SU, X131E 3372-2YU, X131E 3372-3HU, X200SI 7466, X201 TABLET, X201 TABLET 3093, X201I 3626, X220 TABLET 4298-3YU, X220 TABLET 4298-43U, X220 TABLET 4299-2WU, X220I 4290, X230 2320-J9U, X230 2320-JCU, X230 2320-KHU, X230 2322, X230 2324-89U, X230 2324-93U, X230 2324-9CU, X230 2325-22U, X230 2325-77G, X230 2325-88U, X230 2325-89U, X230 2325-ACG, X230 TABLET 3435-24U, X230 TABLET 3435-2HU, X230 TABLET 3435-2YU, X230 TABLET 3435-5AU, X230 TABLET 3435-5GU, X230 TABLET 3438-3TU, X230I 2320, X230I 2324-6SG, X230I 2324-96G, X60S 1706, X60S 2534, X61 7673, X61 7675, Z61T TYPE 8749, Z61T TYPE 9448, ENHANCED SL410, ENHANCED W510, ESSENTIAL B590 3761-2KG, ESSENTIAL B590 6274-25G, 13 0492, E130 3358-28G, E130 3358-7CG, E130 3358-7DG, E135 3359-63G, E135 3359-66G, E135 3359-68G, E135 3359-6ZG, E330 3354-AUG, E330 3354-BKG, E330 3354-E9G, E335 3355, E435 SERIES, E530 3259-9VG, E530 3259-9ZG, E530 3259-CBG, E530 6272-36G, E530 6272-37G, E530 6272-38G, E530 6272-3AG, E530 6272-3BG, E530C 3366-54U, E530C 3366-58U, E530C 3366-68G, E530C 3366-69G, E535 3260-EDU, E535 3260-EHG, E535 3260-ETG, E535 3260-FJU, E545 20B2001AUS, S430 3364-3DG, S430 3364-3EG, S430 3364-5JG, L430 2465-32U, L430 2465-33G, L430 2465-5RG, L430 2465-5TG, L430 2466-62U, L430 2466-64U, L430 2468-36G, L430 2468-37G, L430 2469-2YU, L530 2478-25U, L530 2478-26U, L530 2478-29U, L530 2478-5LU, L530 2478-62U, L530 2479-32G, L530 2479-33U, L530 2479-3EU, L530 2481-48G, L530 2481-4QU, L530 2481-4RU, L530 2481-4TG, R60E 0659, R60E 9445, R60E 9447, R60E 9456, R61 8933, R61 8934, R61 8936, R61 8947, R61I 7646, R61I 7650, R61I 8920, R61I 8929, T430 2342-36U, T430 2342-4BU, T430 2342-6DU, T430 2342-6QU, T430 2347-G8U, T430 2347-GZU, T430 2347-H6U, T430 2347-H8U, T430 2349-GAU, T430 2349-GVU, T430 2349-H3G, T430 2349-HFG, T430 2349-JFG, T430 2349-N3G, T430 2349-PHG, T430 2349-PVG,
Device Supported Notebook
Manufacturer Part Number AC-2090121
Manufacturer Website Address
Limited Warranty 24 Month
Output Voltage 20 V DC
Manufacturer Battery Technology, Inc
Product Name 90W AC Adapter for Notebooks
Brand Name BTI
Country of Origin China
Maximum Output Current 4.50 A
Maximum Output Power 90 W
GTIN 0745473118653
UPC 745473118653
EAN 0745473118653
UNSPSC 39121006