Battery Technology BTI 90Watt AC Adapter for Notebooks90W AC-1990112


BTI 90Watt AC Adapter for Notebooks
Whenever needed keep your devices powered and operational.
Delivers 19 V DC to ensure that your device is always ready to use.
Up to 90 W maximum power output.

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BTI 90Watt AC Adapter for Notebooks

Additional information

Weight 1.68 lbs
Dimensions 7.40 × 5.70 × 2.10 in
Product Type AC Adapter
Compatibility <b>HP - COMPAQ Products:</b><br /> TX1115, TX1003XX, TX1007AU, 6720S, 6720S, 6720S, N200, N100, N1000C, N1000V, 900, 900US, 905, 905US, N600C, N610C, N800C, N800V, X1039AP, X1040AP, X1041AP, M2000, DV4021EA, DV4030CA, DV4040CA, DREAMBOOK F, DREAMBOOK T, DREAMBOOK U, DREAMBOOK X, A913CL, A916, A196NR, A918, A939, A939CA, A940, A940CA, ARMADA E550, RP250UA, RU974UA, RV009UA, RV010UA, FE811UA#AB, FE920UA#AB, FE945UA#AB, FE953UA#AB, GS676UA, GS720UA, GS803UA, GS846UA, KC453UA, KC462UA#ABA, KN831UA, KN851UA, KN866UA, KC550UA#AB, KC590UA#AB, KN987UA#ABA, KP030UA#AB, EZ458UA, EZ475UA, EZ580UA, EZ581UA, NC4000, NC6000, NC8000, N600, N620C, N800, N800 SERIES, 1511TC, 1512TC, 1555AP, 1568AP, 2210CA, 2210US, 2227US, 2231US, 2232US, 2811CL, 2811EA, 2814AP, 2815, 2821AP, 2821HK, 2821SC, 2821TC, 2827TC, 2828TC, 2829TC, 2834TC, 2835AP, 2836AP, 2856AP, 2871AP, 2876AP, 2877AP, 912EA, 915CA, 915EA, 915US, M2002AP, M2004AP, M2013AP, M2014AP, M2015AP, M2015LA, M2031AP, M2105CA, M2105EA, M2105US, M2108EA, M2108US, V2010EA, V2010LA, V2035AP, V2042AP, V2100, V2120AP, V2120EA, V2140CA, V2140US, V2150US, V2205US, V2402AU, V2402US, V2403NR, V2404US, V2570NR, V4000 SERIES (CTO), V4000T SERIES (CTO), V4001AP, V4004AP, V4075EA, V4101AP, V4103AP, X1010EA, X1010US, X1012QV, X1015, X1204AP, X1205AP, X1206AP, X1207AP, X1418AP, X1433AP, X1460CA, X1460US, NC401, NC420, NC600, NX902, NX903, NX904, ZT320, X1220US, ZT3000 SERIES, ZT3020US, SPECIAL EDITION L2000, TC1100, DV2-1000ep, DV2-1001au, DV2-1001ax, DV2-1001eg, DV2-1007au, DV2-1007ax, DV2-1008au, DV2-1008ax, DV2-1011ax, DV2-1012au, DV2-1012ax, DV2-1013ax, DV2-1020ed, DV2-1020ef, DV2-1020el, <b>EMACHINES Products:</b><br /> M5310, M5312, M5313, M5405, <b>ASUS Products:</b><br /> W3V, A3000 SERIES, A2 SERIES, L8400C-800C, F7000, F7436, L7300, L8400, M3 SERIES, M3000, W5V, Z33A, Z3A, 3003WLCI, 3004, 3004LCI-XPH RT, 3004WLCI, A2000L,
Device Supported Notebook
Input Voltage 110 V AC, 220 V AC
Manufacturer Part Number AC-1990112
Manufacturer Website Address
Limited Warranty 24 Month
Output Voltage 19 V DC
Manufacturer Battery Technology, Inc
Product Name 90Watt AC Adapter for Notebooks
Brand Name BTI
Maximum Output Power 90 W
Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Input Voltage Range 100 V AC - 240 V AC
GTIN 0745473114532
UPC 745473114532
EAN 0745473114532
UNSPSC 39121006