Check Point 23500 Next Generation Threat Prevention Appliance High Performance Package – FW, VPN, Mobile Access, ADNC, IA, APCL

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The Check Point 23500 Next Generation Security Gateway combines the most comprehensive security protections with data center grade hardware to maximize uptime while safeguarding enterprise and data center networks. The 23500 is a 2U Next Generation Security Gateway with five I/O expansion slots for high port capacity, redundant AC or DC power supplies and fans, a 2x 1TB (HDD) or 2x 480GB (SSD) RAID1 disk array, and Lights-Out Management (LOM) for remote management. If you’re ready to move from 10 to 40 GbE, so is the 23500 Next Generation Security Gateway with the 40 GbE IO card option. 


The rapid growth of malware, growing attacker sophistication and the rise of new unknown zero-day threats require a different approach to keep enterprise networks and data secure. Check Point delivers fully integrated, comprehensive Threat Prevention with award-winning SandBlast™ Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction for complete protection against the most sophisticated zero-day threats. 

Unlike traditional solutions that are subject to evasion techniques, introduce unacceptable delays, or let potential threats through while evaluating files, Check Point SandBlast stops more malware from entering your network. With our solution your employees can work safely no matter where they are and doesn’t compromise their productivity.

Product Benefits

  • High performance protection against the most advanced cyber attacks
  • Unique “first time prevention” for the most sophisticated zero day attack
  • Optimized for inspecting SSL encrypted traffic
  • Future-proofed technology safeguards against tomorrow’s risks
  • Centralized control and LOM improves serviceability
  • Modular, expandable chassis with flexible I/O options 

Product Features

  • 4,900 SecurityPower™ Units 
  • Simple deployment and management
  • Virtual Systems consolidates security onto one device
  • High port density with 40 GbE option
  • Redundant AC or DC power supplies, fans and disk drives eliminate single point of failure 

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