Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention Blades Package for 3 Years for Check Point 1140

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The Check Point 1100 Appliances are a simple, affordable and easy to deploy all-in-one solutions for delivering industry leading security to protect the weakest link in your enterprise network—the remote branch offices. Protect against cyber threats with Check Point Threat Prevention Software Blades. The Check Point 1100 Appliance is an all-in-one, centrally managed, security appliance for branch offices and remote sites. Built on the Software Blades Architecture, the 1100 Appliance offers the same enterprise-class security used by all Fortune 100 companies—in a compact desktop form factor.

The 1100 Appliances, available in 3 models to match the number of users protected, are ideal for small offices with from one to fifty employees. A wide variety of network interface options are available including 1GbE Ethernet ports, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, ADSL2 and 3G wireless connections. These compact desktop appliances deliver outstanding performance of 1.5 Gbps firewall and 220 Mbps of VPN throughput. For local management and support in a small office environment, an easy and intuitive web-based local management interface is available. Enterprises who want to manage security from a central office can leverage Check Point Security Management or Multi-Domain Security Management to remotely manage and apply a consistent security policy to hundreds of devices across the field offices.

Best-in-class Integrated Firewall and IPS
1100 Appliances include the industry’s most proven firewall technology, based on the same Check Point technology that secures the Fortune 100. Together with Check Point’s proven IPS (rated “Recommend” by NSS); the 1100 Appliance ensures protection of remote sites from both known and unknown threats.

Next Generation Firewall Capabilities
Check Point’s Application Control and URL Filtering Software Blades unify web site access control with application control for improved security and lower cost. Identify, allow, block or limit the use of thousands of applications, including Web 2.0 and social networking, regardless of port, protocol or evasive technique used to traverse the network. Combined with the Identity Awareness Software Blade, administrators can create granular policies to strike a balance between user application usage and security, productivity and resource utilization.

Secure Connectivity
Ensure secure communications between site-to-site and remote users with IPsec and SSL VPN. Offering multiple connectivity methods (including Check Point’s VPN clients, SSL and mobile clients), The 1100 Appliances ensures secure connectivity wherever you go.


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