Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention Blades Package for 3 Years for Check Point 1200R Rugged

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Cyberattacks on critical infrastructures & industrial environments are no longer a myth. Power generation facilities, metropolitan traffic control systems, water treatment systems, and factories are all at risk. Exploits freely available on the Internet make the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) of leading vendors easy targets for attackers.

These ICS environments can be harsh — exposing networking equipment to extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, and vibration. They require a rugged and reliable security gateway solution to detect threats and control access to critical components.

The Check Point 1200R is a rugged appliance delivering Next Generation Threat Prevention for Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems. This solid-state appliance secures SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) protocols and OT (operational technology) equipment. The 1200R includes Firewall, IPS, Application Control, Antivirus, and Anti-Bot protection. This rugged appliance operates in harsh environmental conditions and complies with industrial specifications IEEE 1613, IEC 61850-3 for heat, vibration, and immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI).
Robust performance and powerful central management provide unmatched value in a simple, all-in-one solution.

Check Point Application Control offers broad support for specialized SCADA and ICS protocols for over 500 different commands. Additional protocol support is available on request.


  • BACNet
  • IEC 61850
  • OPC
  • DNP3
  • MMS
  • Profinet
  • IEC-60870-5-104
  • Modbus
  • S7 (Siemens)
  • IEC 60870-6 (ICCP)

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