Cisco Meraki Go GR60 wireless access point GR60 -US


Cisco Meraki Go GR60 – Wireless access point – 802.11ac Wave 2 – Wi-Fi 5 – 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz – DC power

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Description: Meraki Go Outdoor WiFi Access Point + 1Y
Cisco Meraki Go GR60 – Wireless access point – 802.11ac Wave 2 – Wi-Fi 5 – 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz – DC power

Meraki Go’s outdoor cloud-based WiFi solution is specially designed with small business owners in mind, allowing you to increase business productivity and customer engagement, with minimal time, resources, and expertise.
Get up and running in less than 5 minutes, with no technical knowledge needed. The Meraki Go app will guide you through each step of connecting and configuring your network, from securely separating business and guest access to setting up your own splash page/branded landing page.
Receive an email or an app alert if the Internet goes down at your business. See if a heavy downloader is slowing down your Internet and what apps they’re using. Set WiFi usage limits to prioritize business critical functions. Block inappropriate websites.
Gain valuable intelligence on visitors to your business, regardless of whether they connect to your WiFi. Understand how many people enter your business and how long they stay, compared with those that pass by. Plan your business needs by having a clear view of customer loyalty, as well as the busiest times of day.

Key Selling Points
Web blocking for websites that you want to keep off of your network
Usage limits for locations with limited internet bandwidth
Easily set up a guest wifi network separate from your POS or internal printers
Automatic security updates when there are new internet threats discovered
Check in on your network from anywhere – the app travels with you
Network alerts will email you if your network goes offline or if there is a usage spike

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