Meraki MV2 Indoor Smart HD camera – network surveillance camera

Cisco Meraki MV2 – Network surveillance camera – indoor – color (Day&Night) – 4 MP – 2688 x 1520 – 1080p – fixed focal – audio – wireless – Bluetooth LE, 2.4GHz radio – H.264 – PoE

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With the MV2 Indoor Flex camera, Meraki does it again: Impossibly easy to set up and operate. And MV cameras come with everything needed right in the box. As a matter of fact, you can add cameras to a network before they even arrive, and adjust optical and software settings remotely.

Plus, not only can you manage these cameras from a central dashboard, but you can do it from your phone. The ease of use is really crucial to having a smoothly operating, transparent network.

Meraki MV2 specs and features

The diminutive Meraki MV2 has an adjustable hinge, rotating base, and flexible mount options to ensure you always get the right angle from anywhere. The integrated wireless, mobile app onboarding, and USB-C power make it the easiest MV camera to deploy.

With built-in analytics, MV2 provides insight into the environment. This includes people trends, use of space, and more. The all-purpose MV2 is the smallest member of the MV family.

MV2 relies on cloud archive storage for historical video. This drastically simplifies installation and scaling. Plus, it eliminates a major network security vulnerability in the IT infrastructure.

And by using on-device storage and Cloud Archive, MV smart cameras eliminate the need for a separate network video recorder. This reduces cost, complexity, and additional points of failure.

The MV2 records at 1080P video with H.264. It has a 103° field of view, and uses 802.11ac wireless. There is a microphone for audio recording. It gives you very granular control over who can view live or historical video, and you can grant viewing access by individual cameras or device tags.

It also has advanced analytical tools like motion and audio analytics and machine-learning powered person detection. No servers or additional software are necessary.

Meraki’s MV series of HD Smart Cameras are among the most advanced in the industry. The MV series consists of the MV12, MV22, MV32, and MV72 families, and they all shoot in HD. In many cases, you can store up to a month of video onboard.

Cloud management at its’ very best

Nothing new about this; Meraki’s extremely innovative web-based dashboard has revolutionized networks everywhere. It now brings the same benefits to networked video surveillance. Huge benefits like zero-touch configuration, remote troubleshooting, and the ability to manage multiple sites through a single pane of glass.

Meraki’s dashboard and Meraki Vision portal (a dedicated user interface for viewing and interacting with video) make the need for video management software a thing of the past.

And you can easily access video from anywhere, on virtually any device. On laptops, desktops, and mobile tablets, video can be viewed on a browser through the Meraki Vision portal. On smaller mobile devices, like phones, the Meraki app allows you to view video on-the-go.

The camera that thinks

Most of the time, cameras don’t provide much value beyond theft prevention.

But Meraki has changed that with the MV series. The MV2 can analyze foot traffic, discover demographic information, or even alert staffers that customer might need assistance.

It’s super easy to set up as many of these as you want, and configure a video wall for watching over different areas of a facility. And, you can watch live or recorded video without any special equipment. Any authorized user can tap into the system from a PC or smartphone.

Crazy secure

Cloud management offers one of the most secure platforms available for camera operation. Built with Cisco Trust Anchor Modules, MV smart cameras are protected and tamper-proof. Access to the camera is encrypted with a public key infrastructure that includes individual camera certificates.

Local video is also encrypted by default and adds a final layer of security. All security measures are on by default. They require no user configuration, and cannot be turned off.

Software updates are automatic and deliver new features and rapid security updates.
Scheduled maintenance windows ensure the delivery of new features as part of the cloud service.

Corporate Armor are Meraki specialists, and we would love to help you out or tell you more about the Meraki MV2. So please reach out to us here, or call 877-449-0458. 

Meraki MV2 highlights

  • Records at 1080P video
  • Can alert staff to events in real time
  • Analytics can scrutinize foot traffic
  • Advanced motion and audio analytics

Meraki MV2 datasheet

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