Meraki MV32 Cloud Managed Indoor Fisheye Camera


Cisco Meraki MV32 Cloud Managed 256GB Indoor Fisheye Camera – includes: Quick start & installation guide, MV camera hardware, wall mounting kit. 

*Each Meraki Camera requires a license to operate


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With the MV32 enterprise surveillance camera, Meraki does it again: Impossibly easy to set up and operate. And the MV32 comes with everything needed right in the box. As a matter of fact, you can add cameras to a network before they even arrive. And, you can adjust optical and software settings remotely.

Plus, not only can you manage these cameras from a central dashboard, but you can do it from your phone. The ease of use is really crucial to having a smoothly operating, transparent network.

All MV cameras shoot in HD and contain internal solid-state storage. In the case of the MV32, it comes with 256GB of on-board storage.

The MV32 is a fisheye camera. It has an 8MP image resolution together with a 180° horizontal and vertical fields of view capture. What is the advantage of that? Well, being able to record in every direction at once means a lot of existing camera deployments will need far fewer cameras.

Say what?

Plus, it comes with a microphone for audio recording. The ultra-compact design of this camera makes the installation easy and quick.

Of course, the MV32 comes with the same advanced analytics via MV Sense as the rest of the MV series. So you get a thinking HD camera with 360°, unsleeping view of your world. With such powerful hardware and architectural simplicity, MV32 continues the shift from cameras for physical security, with powerful sensors providing business intelligence as well.

The camera records everything, and the dashboard’s intuitive player allows an immersive dewarped video view. You have pan, tilt, and zoom available on live and historical footage. On mobile devices, video playback takes advantage of the accelerometer to provide an interactive viewing experience. And, you can enable VR, as well. Because the MV32 stores and processes the fully warped image, no video or information is lost.

No moving parts

The MV32 is not a traditional Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera. It is a digital camera that does not physically rotate and zoom in. What Meraki has done instead is very cool. Normally, you have a 180-degree downward “globe” view on the world. But Meraki has developed a software feature that allows you easily pull up a “standard” non-fisheye view of any area you choose. In other words, the MV32 allows you to get both that “normal” view as well as a look around the whole viewing area. This is unique to Meraki.

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Meraki MV32 Specifications

As mentioned earlier, the MV32 has an 8.4MP sensor with 802.11ac Wi-Fi capability, and 256GB of storage. The way Meraki does its storage offering unique.  What it does is, it gives you a total number of days of storage. Then you can adjust the quality of the recording. Turn up the quality, and the number of total days of storage adjusts down.

You can also extend it by having it record just during business hours. The portal is very easy to use and is very clear on the number of days it will be able to keep the recording.

The camera includes a PoE adapter and mounting options. The device’s several mounting arms ensure you can get the camera into the best possible location.

And remember, Corporate Armor are Meraki specialists, and we would love to help you out or tell you more about the Meraki MV series smart cameras. So please reach out to us, or call 877-449-0458.


Learn more about the MV32 here, and about MV Sense here!


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