Eaton Power-Sure 800 Line Conditioner120V AC 1600VA 1200W T800R-01600

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Eaton Power-Sure 800 Line Conditioner

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Eaton Power-Sure 800 Line Conditioner

Every facet of our daily life is being automated by faster microprocessors and microprocessor-based equipment which require steady continuous power. As market pressures force the deregulation of the electrical industry, utility companies have less and less control over the quality of power supplied to sensitive electronic equipment. In industry, the effects of unreliable power can be seen in the erroneous motion of computer-controlled milling machines, causing irreparable damage to expensive manufacturing equipment or finished products. Additionally, poor power quality can cause motor driven equipment to operate inefficiently and overheat, causing premature failure. In data processing and medical applications, the effects of unreliable power can be translated into incorrect data, lost memory, premature component failure, mixed and garbled data and inaccurate diagnostics. Power conditioning alleviates these problems.

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Weight 92 lbs
Dimensions 12.75 × 8.50 × 17.50 in