Fortinet FG-90G Next-Generation Firewall bundles – 1, 3, and 5yr FortiCare/FortiGuard bundles


Fortinet FG-90G Next-Generation Firewall – The FortiGate 90G series delivers coordinated, automated, end to end threat protection across all use cases to give you true enterprise grade secure networking.

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Fortinet FG-90G Next-Generation Firewall bundles – The Fortinet FG-90G Next-Generation Firewall gives you legit enterprise-grade secure networking. This means things like hybrid mesh firewall, SD-WAN, and SD-Branch, to your network edges, wherever they are. The FG 90G is also the foundation for your SASE and zero-trust journey into secure internet access, secure private access and secure SaaS access.

FortiGates are the first firewalls to support SD-WAN and zero-trust network access enforcement within a Next-Gen firewall. In other words, this firewall doesn’t treat SD WAN as a tacked-on feature to a firewall. It’s purpose built from the ground up to give you an uninterrupted, cast-iron secure network.

This new family of firewalls is the first to ship with the SP5 ASIC, Fortinet’s fifth-generation ASIC technology. It can accelerate and concurrently run 2x more applications—for example, NGFW, zero-trust network access (ZTNA), SD-WAN, and SSL inspection—compared to the previous generation. Check out the graph for the impressive numbers.

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What’s the difference between the FG-90G and the FG-91G?

Only difference is that the FG-91G has a 120GB SSD drive on board for storage.

Fortinet FG-90G Next-Generation Firewall highlights

  • IPS Throughput
4.5 Gbps
  • Next-Gen Firewall Throughput
2.5 Gbps
  • SSL VPN Throughput
1.4 Gbps
  • Total Firewall Throughput (1518)
28 Gbps
  • IPsec VPN Throughput
25 Gbps
  • FortiSwitches/FortiAPs Supported


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