Fortinet FortiADC-300E / FAD-300E Comprehensive 24×7 Forticare 1 Year Contract – 24×7 Support, Advanced Replacement & Firmware



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The FortiADC-300E is a robust L4 and L7 Application Traffic Manager and server Load Balancer for medium-sized organizations that need performance, reliability and value. With 4.8 Gbps of L4 throughput, the FortiADC-300E can handle most mid-range application environments and is a cost-effective solution for smaller-scale secure e-commerce and financial applications.

FortiADC-300E Application Delivery Controller Features & Benefits

  • Class-leading value and performance makes the FortiADC-300E an affordable option for most mid-sized business applications.
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-manage with set up time taking less than an hour for most server environments.
  • Multiple high-availability and failover pairing options including active/active, multi-active N+1 and a class-leading multi-active N+M for flexibility and better resource utilization of backup units.
  • Delivers 99.999% uptime for mission critical applications with intelligent server load balancing.
  • Includes Global Server Load Balancing to distribute traffic across multiple locations for disaster recovery and improved end-user response times.
  • Intuitive L7 policy-based routing to dynamically rewrite content to support complex applications and data center server configurations.
  • Full IPv6 support, including 6-in-4 Tunneling to ease the transition to IPv6.

Fortinet FortiADC series of Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) optimize the availability, user experience, performance and scalability of Enterprise Application Delivery. The FortiADC family of physical and virtual appliances delivers fast, secure and intelligent acceleration and distribution of demanding applications in the enterprise.

Enterprise Application Acceleration and Performance
FortiADC appliances utilize multi-core processor technology, combined with SSL offload to accelerate application performance. Using QoS policies, they are able to optimize and handle heavy Layer 4 through 7 traffic loads while delivering Latency Sensitive Applications for small, medium and large enterprises.

Application Availability
FortiADC appliances deliver 99.999% uptime for enterprise application services with intelligent local and global server load balancing. The appliances provide application layer health check mechanisms for automatic failover of application services and use Link Load Balancing to optimize WAN connectivity. This results in 24×7 application availability while reducing business continuity risks.

Application Aware Intelligence and Control
FortiADC application-aware appliances elinimate performance bottlenecks, reduce application deployment complexity and seamless application integration. Fully aware of Layers 4 through 7 application traffic, connections, transactions, and content, they enable IT organizations to create event-driven policies for intelligent distribution of application traffic across web and application servers, and eliminates the need to replicate content across multiple servers. Content awareness is extended to the ability to create complex rules to dynamically rewrite content on the fly.

SSL and Server Offloading
FortiADC offloads server-intensive SSL processing with support for 4096-bit keys, TCP connection management, data compression and HTTP request processing from servers. This speeds up response times, reduces load on the backend servers, allowing them to serve more users.

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