FortiGate-100EF w/ 3 Year 24×7 Forticare + FortiGuard Enterprise Bundle

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Fortinet FG100F Next Generation Firewall


FFor top security at an excellent price, the FortiGate-100EF should be on your short list. Fortinet’s FortiGate firewalls offer strong security at a good price point. And the FortiGate-100EF is no exception. It is a very popular mid-to-enterprise grade firewall. The next step up in performance (and price) is the FG-100F, starting at $2054.

On the other hand, the FG-100E starts at just $1480. This is impressive given the numbers this firewall puts up. For example, it pushes 360 Mbps of NGFW Throughput, 250 Mbps of Threat Protection, and 130 Mbps of SSL Inspection Throughput. It also has 500 Mbps IPS Throughput, and just 3 µs of latency. IPsec VPN Throughput is 4 Gbps.


Fortinet is running an upgrade program that includes many pre-F series model firewalls. The promotion is individualized, so there’s no standardized discount pricing. Just reach out to us, or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Then, we work you a great deal on a new FG-100F, or maybe even something else!

The FortiGate-100E intertwines fluidly in the cloud with other Fortinet products. The web interface is super-intuitive and the CLI is a breeze to use. The VPN capacity, SSL inspection, and other traffic metrics are eyepopping for the price. The high availability and SD Wan features that customers want are super easy to use. FortiGates are a great alternative to more expensive solutions that still lag way behind.

In addition, the support and training portals are very informative. FortiGate is definitely pushing boundaries with its UTM devices.

What’s the difference between the FG100E and the FG100EF?

Now that we’ve talked all about the FortiGate 100E, there’s one more thing. And that’s the FortiGate 100EF. You may have seen it and wondered what the difference between the two is. The answer is, not a whole lot, just port configuration.

The FG100EF has six more GE SFP slots than the FG-100E does. So, whereas the FG-100E has two of them, the FG-100EF has eight. However, the FG-100E 14 RJ45 Ethernet ports, whereas the FG-100EF has only eight. Everything else is the same.

What are FortiCare and FortiGuard support contracts? How do I choose one of these?

Good question. When you purchase a Fortinet firewall, you have several options to go along with the firewall itself. These support contracts ensure that your firewall performs at its highest possible level, for as long as possible.

FortiCare basically gives you global tech support for your FG100EF. You’ll receive a timely response to any technical issues as well as complete visibility on ticket resolution progress. It includes firmware upgrades, access to the support portal and associated technical resources, reporting on technical incidents (via the web, chat, and telephone), and a hardware return option.

FortiGuard is the constantly self-updating security part of your FG100EF. In other words, it’s what makes it a firewall. Each option includes a range of security services designed to tackle the most advanced Internet threats at any given time. This includes AntiVirus, AntiSpam, Advanced Malware Protection, and Content Filtering. There’s also Sandboxing, AntiSpam, Email Security, Botnet Protection, and more.



 NGFW Throughput 360 Mbps

 SSL Inspection Throughput 130 Mbps

 New Sessions/second 30,000

 1 GbE Interfaces 22 26


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