Fortinet FortiGate-VM 8×5 Forticare plus FortiGuard Bundle Support Contract for FG-VM32 or FG-VM32-Xen – 1 Year

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This product has been discontinued.


Via a complete end-to-end security ecosystem for the Data Center, Fortinet enables and facilitates the enterprise’s journey through the Data Center consolidation process.

The delivery of both physical and virtual planes security appliances it offers on one side, and the unmatched performance and security capabilities it provides on the other side, allow the growth and evolution of the consolidating Data Center with no service degradation or bottlenecks, no compromise on security, and with an unmatched ROI — fulfilling the outcomes of a robust softwaredefined security framework. 

FortiGate Virtual Appliances allow you to mitigate blind spots by implementing critical security controls within your virtual infrastructure. They also allow you to rapidly provision security infrastructure whenever and wherever it is needed. FortiGate virtual appliances feature all of the security and networking services common to traditional hardware-based FortiGate appliances. With the addition of virtual appliances from Fortinet, you can deploy a mix of hardware and virtual appliances, operating together and managed from a common centralized management platform.

FortiGate Virtual Appliance Benefits

FortiGate virtual appliances offer protection from a broad array of threats, with support for all of the security and networking services offered by the FortiOS operating system. In addition, the appliances offer: 

  • Increased visibility within virtualized infrastructure 
  • Rapid deployment capability
  • Ability to manage virtual appliances and physical appliances from a single pane of glass management platform 
  • Simple licensing with no per-user fees 
  • Support for multiple virtualization platforms

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