iXsystems TrueNAS Z20 Hybrid Storage System – 64GB RAM, Up To 400TB Raw Capacity, Up to 1PB Effective Capacity

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Businesses today demand more powerful, reliable, and flexible storage than ever before. To keep pace, IT departments must implement solutions that tax their storage budgets in order to scale storage along with the demand. Traditional solutions can create massivelycomplex storage islands that are often expensive, inefficient, and difficult to manage. By contrast, TrueNAS offers a solution that combines the flexibility of unified storage, the performance and efficiency of solid state flash drives, the capacity of hard disks, the familiarity and simplified management of the FreeNAS user interface, and white glove enterprise support.

Every TrueNAS Enterprise Storage Appliance is a NAS and a SAN, offering a full range of storage protocols. Its unified architecture reduces deployment risks, conserves power, space, and cooling, and reduces possible failure points by an order of magnitude. Its hybrid storage pools and intelligent storage optimization allow you to maximize storage efficiency by achieving consolidation ratios of 2X for hot or active data to 10X for cold or off-line data. TrueNAS includes compression, deduplication, snapshots, and replication at no extra cost.

Whether it is a primary file store, offsite replication target for business continuity, VM storage, databases, audio/video editing, or media storage, there is a TrueNAS model to fit the application. TrueNAS is performance, scalability, data integrity, reliability, and ease-of-management for business that never sleeps.


Solid-state performance at spinning-disk capacity and cost. TrueNAS leverages a technology called TrueCache™ that merges multi-layer non-volatile cache with high-density spinning disks. System RAM and SSDs are used to cache reads and writes while HDDs store the data. The performance of RAM and SSD are orders of magnitude faster than HDDs, while their power requirements are much lower. TrueNAS lets you increase performance and scale capacity while conserving power and saving money. iXsystems also offers an all-flash model, the TrueNAS Z50 TrueFlash.


TrueNAS includes in-line compression and deduplication at no additional cost. The TrueNAS Adaptive Compression (TAC) algorithm is so efficient that it actually boosts storage performance while maximizing storage capacity. TAC intelligently adjusts its compression ratio without wasting system resources. Before data is stored, TrueNAS dynamically detects and compresses what it can and skips over any data too inefficient to be worthwhile.

Deduplication is designed to work best with block I/O and the all-flash TrueNAS Z50 TrueFlash. TrueNAS provides an in-line block based deduplication that when enabled will find common blocks inside every virtual and physical application, such as Linux and Windows VMs. The combination of compression and deduplication allow you to maximize storage efficiency. 


Most storage appliances require additional licenses for advanced features – not TrueNAS. Unlimited file version retention and restoration are at your fingertips. Data is automatically protected locally against unintentional alteration with minimal storage consumption and and can be bi-directionally replicated remotely for backups or disaster recovery. TrueNAS snapshots can also be synchronized with VMware snapshots, allowing you to manage VMware snapshots through the TrueNAS GUI. With the power of TrueNAS, any data protection or disaster recovery policy is simple to implement and maintain.


Data integrity is the name of the game, and TrueNAS leaves nothing about your data to chance. In-flight data corruption is automatically detected and repaired before it ever reaches disk, and bit rot and data decay are identified and scrubbed clean, forever preserving data for posterity. Simply put, what you store on an iXsystems storage solution today will look the same tomorrow, a year from now, or even 10 years from now.

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