Kemp LoadMaster VLM-3000 1 Year Enterprise 24×7 Support Extension / Renewal

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This product has been discontinued.


KEMP’s Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) is a fully featured Application Delivery Controller (ADC) that supports all the major application workloads with easy to use templates. It offers key features such as SSL offload along with advanced authentication and traffic delivery options.

Deliver Anywhere

VLM instances can be deployed on all the major hypervisor platforms and on the leading public Cloud services with a consistent set of features regardless of where deployed. Consistency across a wide range of platforms greatly simplifies cloud migration and hybrid cloud deployments with seamless migration and reduced management complexity.

Flexible Licensing

VLM can be licensed using permanent or subscription licenses on each instance or with metered licensing across multiple VLM instances. Metered licensing provides the flexibility to deploy and retire load balancing resources on‐demand greatly simplifying DevOPS environments and application scaling.

Easily Managed

Regardless of where VLMs are deployed, a consistent administration interface is presented via Web UI, API and KEMP 360 Central. KEMP 360 Central provides crossplatform configuration and monitoring of ADC resources to simplify the administration of multi‐ADC environments. The LoadMaster API (RESTful and PowerShell) enables automation of ADC deployment, configuration and administration and integration of ADC operations with DevOPS and hypervisor management frameworks.

Support Subscriptions

LoadMaster support subscriptions offer flexibility, simplicity and value to meet your application delivery requirements and challenges. Support Subscriptions are annual and can be upgraded and downgraded as application delivery demands change for maximum flexibility. The tiers are mapped to common customer challenges and requirements, simplifying the task of selecting the appropriate feature set and support levels.

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