Kensington N17 Keyed Laptop Lock for Wedge Shaped Slots security cable lock K64440WW


Kensington N17 Keyed Laptop Lock for Wedge Shaped Slots – Security cable lock – 6 ft

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Kensington N17 Keyed Laptop Lock for Wedge Shaped Slots – Security cable lock – 6 ft

Designed for laptops and devices with a Wedge lock slot, it meets Kensington’s high standards for tamper-resistance, reliability and durability. Expanding side hooks grab on to the internal sides of the Wedge lock slot, creating a strong connection between the device frame and the lock to resist and deter theft attempts. A central pillar of Kensington’s locking solutions, the exclusive keying system is common across all of Kensington’s locks. Unparalleled custom management features provide flexibility, and anti-pick Hidden Pin technology offers complete peace of mind. Now IT directors will only have one keying system to manage across their organization. Offering the same level of cut-resistance and theft-resistance as thicker cables, the carbon steel cable with plastic sheath offers security and greater mobility. Special hinge creates great freedom of movement, eliminating awkward angles and allowing you to insert your key with complete ease.

Key Selling Points
Tough lock head that fits seamlessly into the latest Dell laptops and tablets with a wedge-shaped lock slot
Unique lock engagement creates the strongest connection between the lock head and wedge-shaped lock slot
5mm Keying System featuring patented anti-pick Hidden Pin Technology is compatible for custom solutions across different styles of Kensington locks
Carbon steel cable is cut-resistant and anchors to desk, table or any fixed structure
Pivot and rotate cable provides superior laptop engagement
Independently verified and tested for industry-leading standards in torque/pull, foreign implements, lock lifecycle, corrosion, key strength and other environmental conditions
Register & Retrieve program allows you to order replacement keys
TAA-compliant, so it’s ready for use in U.S. Federal Government institutions and organizations.

Additional information

Weight 9.87 lbs
Dimensions 136.00 × 136.00 × 25.00 in