Nexsan SATABeast Storage Array – No Longer Available – EOL – Call for Upgrades

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The Nexsan Beast Family, including SATABeast® and SASBeast®, changed the meaning of enterprise-class storage, building 100% fault-tolerant reliability and high performance on SATA disks with 84TB in 4 rack units and the ability to mix SATA, SAS and SSD drives in a single chassis. Nexsan E-Series SAN storage arrays raise the bar on that tradition with greater performance, higher density, easier management and advanced reliability features in a next-generation storage solution.

Nexsan’s Beast Family of SAN storage systems delivers enterprise-class reliability, performance, energy efficiency and high density with 42 disks in 4U. Start with SATABeast and a base configuration of SATA, or SASBeast with a base configuration of SAS, and add additional SATA/SAS/SSD to accomodate varying workloads. Nexsan’s Beast maximizes the return on your storage hardware investment when the higher performance or advanced features of the Nexsan E-Series disk arrays are not needed.

Designed for enterprise-class environments where reliability is an absolute, the Beast’s high availability architecture features full redundancy across all active components. Fast wire-speed read/write throughput and high density make the Beast the perfect choice for capacity-driven applications. The Beast family can simultaneously support Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity. It is widely used for bulk data storage, backup-to-disk, video editing and streaming, and for Exchange email and databases that do not require the highest levels of performance.

Nexsan’s Beast delivers a high capacity RAID storage system that offers the energy saving benefits of AutoMAID® technology. AutoMAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) allows the Beast to place its disk drives into an idle state to conserve energy, saving up to 60% on power and cooling. It is ideal for archiving or backup when disks do not need to spin at full speed 24/7. Once a policy of inactivity is established, AutoMAID performs its function
transparently without the need for manual intervention.

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