Nexsan SATABoy Storage Array – No Longer Available – EOL – Call for Upgrades

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This product has been discontinued.


SATABoy provides organizations with exceptional performance and unparalleled storage flexibility in a compact package to meet real world business objectives. The highly scalable SATABoy features FC and iSCSI connectivity to enable cost- effective storage of large amounts of information online, while its high speed performance ensures faster response times for mission critical applications.
SATABoy is equally capable of delivering high IOPS for transactional applications and sustaining maximum MB/s throughput for high bandwidth applications such as streaming media.

SATABoy offers the energy saving benefits of Nexsan’s revolutionary AutoMAID® technology. AutoMAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) allows SATABoy to place its disk drives into an idle state to conserve energy yet provide near-instantaneous access to data. SATABoy’s unique combination of high performance with energy saving capabilities enables users to maximize the total return on their storage hardware investment.

SATABoy incorporates advanced features such as dual RAID engines, a high performance cache mirroring ASIC, and active/active failover to deliver
uncompromising availability and reliability, feature rich functionality, and high performance across all standard platforms and operating systems. Dual fibre channel and iSCSI connectors on each controller enable easy and flexible implementation into a wide range of environments. SATABoy’s high performance and enormous capacity provides exceptional value that enhances all digital information storage applications, such as live on-line data, streaming media, tiered storage, broadcast/VOD and other business critical applications.

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