Nimble Storage AF1000 All-Flash Array – up to 46TB Raw, up to 33TB Usable, (4) Onboard iSCSI/Mgmt 1Gb/10Gb ports

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The AF1000 is the All Flash entry point to the Nimble Predictive Flash platform. It delivers the functionality and scalability of a high-end All Flash array at a very attractive price point. And it’s All Flash. Always fast. All the time.

Small But Mighty

Scalable from 20 to 165TB effective capacity in just 4U. Non-disruptively upgradable to any other Nimble All Flash array model achieving over 2PB in just 12U. And if that’s not enough, it can scale-out to over 8PB of All Flash capacity in a single cluster.

Radically Simplify Operations — The New Way

Every Nimble Storage array includes InfoSight Predictive Analytics to predict and prevent issues across the infrastructure stack, removing the headache of complex troubleshooting. Dealing with traditional IT support is a thing of the past because tasks handled by traditional level 1 and 2 support staff are automated by InfoSight. Nimble’s support organization is made up entirely of level 3 experts who answer calls in less than a minute on average. The most complex issues are rapidly resolved because InfoSight already has the information required to solve the problem.

Bulletproof and Feature Rich

 Highest measured availability in the industry – 99.9997%
 Achieves 20% more usable capacity per TB of raw flash than other all flash arrays  Industry leading inline variable block deduplication and compression
 Advanced Triple+ Parity RAID for unparalleled resiliency
 Integrated data protection for backup and disaster recovery

We’ve Got Your Back With Timeless Storage

Say goodbye to forklift upgrades and hidden costs. Our Timeless Guarantee provides all-inclusive software and flat support pricing for six years. Also, there is an option for a free controller upgrade after three years – a controller that’s guaranteed to be faster. 

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