Palo Alto Networks PA-4020 Threat prevention subscription for 3 years

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Comprehensive exploit, malware, and command and control protection for your network

Organizations face a frequent barrage of attacks by threat actors around the world who are looking to make a profit. Today’s attackers are well-funded and well-equipped. They use evasive tactics to succeed in gaining a foothold in the network, launching both high-volume and sophisticated attacks while remaining invisible to an organization’s traditional defenses – from packet obfuscation, polymorphic malware, and encryption to multi-phased payloads and fast-flux DNS.

To make matters worse, network security products are still using the same defensive strategies employed before the threat landscape evolved. Traffic is only inspected on certain ports and, while adding single-function devices to the defensive stack may help alleviate a particular problem, it results in poor visibility and performance. This has left a dangerous situation, where gaping holes are present in network defenses because security solutions are fractured and difficult to manage, while attackers are increasingly adept at penetrating them.

Palo Alto Networks® has redefined network security with our Zero Trust approach to threat prevention. We safely enable applications by providing protection against advanced threats at every phase in the cyberattack lifecycle, and we do this using a multi-function next-generation firewall product that analyzes all traffic across all ports and protocols in a single scan.

Enable the Application, Prevent the Threat

Applications are an integral part of how companies do business and, because of that, they’ve made themselves increasingly available to users by entering networks using encrypted channels, through non-standard ports, and by hopping from open port to open port to guarantee users always have access.

Unfortunately, advanced threats take advantage of the way in which applications make themselves available to users, leveraging them for a free ride into the network, undetected. They tunnel within applications, hide within SSL-encrypted traffic, and take advantage of unsuspecting targets to get a foothold within the network and execute malicious activity.

We protect your network against these threats by providing multiple layers of prevention, confronting threats at each phase of the attack. In addition to traditional intrusion-prevention capabilities, we provide the unique ability to detect and block threats on any and all ports, instead of invoking signatures based on a limited set of predefined ports. By leveraging User-ID™ and App-ID™ within our next-generation firewalls, which identify and add context to all traffic on all ports, the threat prevention engine never loses sight of the threat, regardless of the evasion technique.

Our Threat Prevention subscription includes intrusion prevention, network anti-malware, and command and control (CnC) protections. 

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