Ruckus Wireless Virtual SPoT license 1 instance L09-VSPT-WWGS


Ruckus Virtual SPoT – License – 1 instance – GSA

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Ruckus Virtual SPoT – License – 1 instance – GSA

Ruckus Smart Positioning Technology – SPoT – combines unique advantages, including options for both public and private cloud-based services, and a choice of location metrics with either SPoT Point (drop-pin) or SPoT Presence (proximity). Enterprise or Managed Service providers can use the SPoT APIs to incorporate location data into their own applications. A robust ecosystem of partners provides additional leverage of SPoT for applications in retail, transportation, entertainment and other vertical markets.
Ruckus SPoT can be purchased either as a cloud-based subscription service or as Virtual SPoT [vSPoT], a virtualized instance of the service deployed on-premise. vSPOT works with VMWare to deliver presence or location services from Enterprise or Service Provider data centers.
Both versions of SPoT include Engagement APIs – a set of APIs to power a generation of mobile apps, giving them “Location Intelligent” features such as the ability to locate users and engage or send them highly targeted messages in any venue enabled with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi and Ruckus SPoT.
SPoT Point can pinpoint client locations in real time with a granularity of 3-10 meters accuracy with a calibrated venue. In addition, SPoT Point has a calibration-free mode which supports -10 meters accuracy without the requirement of venue calibration.
SPoT Presence services provide venues with low access point density with footfall analytics and device positioning at proximity accuracies.

Key Selling Points
Virtually unlimited scale for device positioning
True real-time positioning
Listens to probes and data packets to locate all devices
Multi-venue single dashboard
Up and running within a day for any venue size

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