Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector 5000 License Upgrade supporting an additional 300 ZoneFlex Access Points


Ruckus ZoneDirector 5000 – Upgrade license – 300 additional access points

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The Most Affordable and Scalable Wireless LAN controller in its class
The Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector™ 5000 (ZD5000) is the first WLAN controller to uniquely combine power, simplicity and scalability into an affordable system.

Supporting up to 20,000 clients and 2048 WLANs per device, the ZD5000 manages up to 1000 ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi access points from a single location.

Unlike conventional wireless LAN systems that are costly, complex and cumbersome to deploy, the ZD5000 is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It’s ideal for any large-scale enterprise requiring a highperformance wireless LAN that can be easily deployed and managed.

The ZD5000 integrates the Ruckus Smart/OS application engine that delivers advanced features such as smart wireless meshing, high availability, hot spot authentication, elegant guest networking and dynamic Wi-Fi security.

Deployed and operated by non-wireless experts and installed quickly and easily, with the ZD5000, any organization with limited IT staff and budget can create a robust and secure multimedia WLAN in a matter of minutes.

The ZD5000 easily integrates with network, security and authentication infrastructure already in place and is easily configured through a pointand-click web wizard. Ruckus ZoneFlex APs automatically discover and are configured by the ZoneDirector.

Redundant and secure, the ZD5000 provides WLAN-wide network, security, RF and location management within a single, easy-to-use and affordable WLAN system.


  • Super scalable – Supporting up to 1,000 APs and 20,000 clients per device, the ZoneDirector 5000 easily serves the largest campus deployments
  • IT lite deployment in 5 minutes, simple to use and manage – Web-based configuration wizard configures an entire WLAN in minutes. ZoneFlex APs auto-discover the ZoneDirector. Centralized management and automatic, real-time optimization of entire WLAN
  • Advanced WLAN features and functions – Advanced wireless networking features include rogue AP detection, interference detection, band steering, airtime fairness, role-based user policies, per-user rate-limiting, hotspot and guest networking services
  • Smart meshing streamlines costly and complex deployment – Integrated Ruckus Smart Mesh Networking technology automates deployment, eliminates the need to run Ethernet cable to every Smart Wi-Fi access point. Adaptable architecture with Hybrid Mesh extends the wireless network through Ethernet-connected APs, increasing system performance through better spatial reuse
  • Automatic user security – Dynamic PSK eliminates the requirement to configure and update individual PC client devices with unique encryption keys. Dynamic VLAN assignment seamlessly extends existing security policies to the WLAN
  • Easy monitoring and troubleshooting – Customizable dashboard provides comprehensive at-a-glance network snapshot and allows drill down to troubleshoot wireless problems
  • Distributed forwarding architecture – Maximizes data throughput by sending all data traffic directly from the access points to the wired network

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