Safetica Auditor Subscription for 1000+ Secured Endpoints

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Knowledge is the first step to security.

Safetica Auditor gives you the perfect overview about what's going on in your company. It exposes low employee productivity and warns you about possible data leaks before it's too late. You will save on HR costs, protect sensitive data and avoid wasting of resources. Safetica Auditor proactively searches for potential risks and warns you about them. It protects your company as soon as it is implemented. 

The Issue 

It is difficult to effectively control employee computer use. Either accidentally or on purpose, employees can misuse company computers. This can be a simple matter of taking care of personal business at work, or it can be much more serious. In the worst case they can take sensitive data out of a company and sell it to the competition or use it to start their own business.

The Solution 

Safetica Auditor shows you how effective your employees are, and which data they are trying to take out of the company. Safetica Auditor is quick to implement. It gives you both an unrivaled overview and immediate protection. It is a solution that grows with your security needs, and thus saves you time and other valuable resources.


  • Audit sensitive company data 
  • Get an overview of what's going n in your company
  • Save HR costs
  • Increase employee effieciency
  • Reduce costs for print and internet
  • Compare employees objectively
  • Ensure policy compliance
  • Get a quick return on investment
  • Find out whether software licenses are used efficiently


  • Uncluttered overview of the situation in your company, with one-click access to all details
  • Regular reports and immediate notifications in your e-mail
  • Scalable adjustments for protection of both employees' privacy and company interests
  • Data leak protection through monitoring of how employees work with files
  • Reported active time of application use
  • Logs stored safely in database, visible to authorized employees only 


Safetica Auditor collects your employees' endpoint data and stores it on your servers. Managers can access the data on their console at any time. Safetica Auditor also operates on computers outside of the company network (laptops). Through precise permissions settings, you can ensure that collected data will only be accessible to authorized managers. 

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