SonicWall Network Security Virtual (NSV) 50 license 01-SSC-7614

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SonicWall Network Security Virtual (NSV) 50 – License – NFR, demo

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Description: NSV 50 DEMO NFR
SonicWall Network Security Virtual (NSV) 50 – License – NFR, demo

SonicWall Network Security virtual (NSv) firewalls protect all critical components of your private/public cloud environment from resource misuse attacks, cross virtual machine attacks, side channel attacks and common network based exploits and threats. It captures traffic between virtual machines and networks for automated breach prevention and establishes access control measures for data confidentiality and ensures VMs safety and integrity.

Key Selling Points
Gain complete visibility into intra-host communication between virtual machines for threat prevention
Ensure appropriate placement of security policies throughout the virtual environment
Deliver safe application enablement rules by the application, user and device regardless of VM location
Implement proper security zoning (VLANs) and isolation
Defend against zero-day vulnerabilities with Capture Advanced Threat Protection
Prevent unauthorized takeover of virtual systems
Stop unauthorized access to protected data assets
Block malicious and intrusive actions such as spreading malware, executing operating system commands, file system browsing and C&C communication
Reduce service disruption of any part or entire virtual ecosystem

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