Sophos RED 50 (Remote Ethernet Device) Appliance 2 Year Warranty Extension (RED Series)

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Sophos RED (Remote Ethernet Device) is the easiest and most affordable way to secure your branch offices. You can centrally configure it via an Sophos Security Gateway located at your headquarter which automatically distributes the configuration to the Sophos RED appliance. By forwarding all traffic to the central Sophos Security Gateway, Sophos RED provides complete UTM security even for your smallest remote or home office. In contrast to standard security appliances Sophos RED not only provides stronger security but also slashes the total cost of ownership by 80% as there’s no need for technical skill or ongoing maintenance at the remote site.

Complete UTM Security
With Sophos RED you don’t have to make any compromise with regards to your remote office security. Even smallest remote or home offices are fully protected by the Network, Web and Mail Security subscriptions of the Sophos Security Gateway at your Central Office.

Built-in Central Management
Sophos Security Gateway acts as an Sophos RED controller, centrally managing all Sophos RED appliances through a cloud-based provisioning service. The complete configuration, logging and troubleshooting is performed at your central office. There is no need for the individual management of single devices.

Virtual Ethernet Cable
Sophos RED acts like a remote network port connected through a virtual Ethernet cable to your Sophos Security Gateway. All data transferred is protected by strong encryption.

Rapid Deployment
Sophos RED is the first comprehensive security gateway which does not require local setup or technical skills at the remote site. The configuration is completed at the central office and is automatically distributed to all Sophos RED appliances. It even allows mass roll-outs of up to 100 appliances per day.

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