Sophos SG115 w Rev 3 Wireless Appliance TotalProtect Bundle – 1 Year + 1 Month FREE

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Sophos SG115 w Rev 3 Wireless Appliance TotalProtect Bundle - 1 Year + 1 Month FREE

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The SG115 is in the entry-to-mid-level in the SG series, alongside the SG105. As such, it starts at just over $500. It comes with 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year TotalProtect bundles at Corporate Armor. This easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage series can fit just about any network size. Anything from home office to small business to enterprise.

The Sophos SG115 is well-known for superior visibility into risky activity, as well as the ability to stop known and unknown threats. Not only that, it does so quickly and effectively. When it comes to malware, the SG115 can see it, stop it, and secure it.

The SG is a mature and extremely dependable platform. Similar to Meraki, they take a great deal of pride in how easy these appliances are to set up and manage. And no, “mature” isn’t a euphemism. There’s a reason the SG series are still going strong. The hardware is identical to the newer XG series. CPU, RAM, memory, ports are all the same. Undoubtedly, the XG is Sophos’ undeniable wave of the future. However, an SG can easily be upgraded with XG (SFOS) firmware, and viola! You have an XG firewall. Read more about that here.

Under the hood

The SG115 pushes 2.3 Gbps of Firewall Throughput, 425 Mbps of VPN Throughput, and 500 Mbps of IPS. It delivers Antivirus throughput at 120 Mbps.

Furthermore, the Sophos SG115 offers a wealth of features, like dual-engine antivirus, anti-spam, and IPS. In addition, there’s web filtering. What’s more, there’s HTTPS inspection, application controls, ATP, IPsec and SSL VPN support. Email protection includes scanning of inbound POP3 traffic from a remote mail server, such as an ISP. Meanwhile, an SMTP proxy can scan and route mail to and from an internal mail server.

The Sophos interface is really clean and easy to understand. You don’t need very much training to be able to use it. The intuitive nature of the dashboard and monitoring abilities makes management and troubleshooting easy. And overall cost of ownership value that SG115 delivers is significant.

In a nutshell, it’s an easy to manage firewall which can get you working very quickly. You can create rules with multiple objects, each with a different subnet. This helps in reducing the amount of firewall rules required. Plus,it makes it quicker to manage. NAT is also very easy to set up in the SG. This includes complicated Full NATs where the source and destinations are both changed.


2.3 Gbps of Firewall Throughput
425 Mbps of VPN Throughput
500 Mbps of IPS
120 Mbps of Antivirus Throughput
An extremely mature and proven platform


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