Vertiv Geist Environmental Monitor -Watchdog 100-P WATCHDOG 100-P


Geist Environmental Monitor -Watchdog 100-P
View real time sensor data from a secure web interface..
Simple to install and use, requiring no special software other than a standard web browser..
Receive alerts of out-of-range conditions to ensure they are addressed before resulting in downtime..
Strategically monitor data center, server room and network closet environments to protect critical infrastructure..

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Geist Environmental Monitor -Watchdog 100-P

Environmental factors like heat, humidity and moisture pose a severe threat to mission-critical infrastructure. These dangers can be minimized by incorporating a network of environmental sensors to collect data and alert users of potential threats. Adding optional sensors to a Vertiv Geist Environmental Monitor or Rack Power Distribution Unit (rPDU) allows users to observe conditions from a secure Web interface and receive alerts via Email, SNMP, or Email-to-SMS.

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 1.61 × 8.50 × 2.52 in