Vertiv Geist GU2 rack PDU VP5N300030A, 208V, (24) Combination Outlets C13/C19Switched Unit Level Monitored 0U Vertical rack power distrib… VP5N3000


Vertiv Geist GU2 rack PDU VP5N3000 – 30A, 208V, (24) Combination Outlets C13/C19
Vertiv Geist GU2 VP5N3000: 30A, 208V, 1Phase, L6-30P, 4.9kW Capacity.
(24) Combination Outlets C13/C19 that accommodate both C14 and C20 plugs interchangeably.
Remote monitoring and management features through web browser or serial communication.
Hot-Swappable Interchangeable Monitoring Device that displays data locally.
Three-year warranty is extendable to five years if unit is registered within 120 days of purchase.

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Vertiv Geist GU2 rack PDU VP5N3000 – 30A, 208V, (24) Combination Outlets C13/C19

The Vertiv Geist GU2 VP5N3000 is a 30A, 208V, single phase, switched unit level monitored rack power distribution unit (rPDU). This TAA-Compliant PDU has (24) Combination Outlets C13/C19 and an L6-30P plug providing 4.9kW in max power capacity. Combination Outlets C13/C19 accommodate C14 and C20 plugs interchangeably, helping ensure you can power most common IT equipment. This Switched PDU allows you to remotely turn off receptacles to avoid accidental overloads, or remotely power cycle unresponsive critical IT equipment. The hot-swappable Interchangeable Monitoring Device (IMD) displays current on the local LED display. Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology allows you to view complete power usage data locally from a mobile device with the Vertiv rPDU Scanner app. Each rack mount PDU undergoes individual testing for functionality to ensure your network is powered by a reliable smart power strip. The unit comes with a three-year warranty that can be extended to five years if registered within 120 days of purchase.

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 2.01 × 2.01 × 0.00 in