Vertiv Liebert Liebert LT410 Point Leak Detection SensorWater Detection LT410


Liebert Liebert LT410 Point Leak Detection Sensor

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Liebert Liebert LT410 Point Leak Detection Sensor

Liebert LT410 point detection modules install quickly and work simply for reliable warning of potentially hazardous moisture leaks at critical points under a raised floor. A simple two-wire connection signals the alarms to a Liebert environmental unit monitor panel or at another monitoring panel for reliable data center monitoring.

Liebert LT point leak detection sensors provide single-point detection of leaks, using two gold-plated sensing probes. 50/60Hz, 24VAC.

Liebert LT410 has two independent outputs with the capacity to signal both a local alarm panel and a remote building management system or external equipment, such as motorized water shut-off valves.

The system may be used to detect leaks from:

  • Glycol, condenser water, and chilled water cooling piping
  • Humidification feed water piping
  • Unit and ceiling auxilliary drip pans
  • Overhead piping troughs

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