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Firewall Throughput: 15 Gbps
IPS Throughput: 5 Gbps
Anti-Virus Throughput: 3.5 Gbps
10 GbE Interfaces: 4x SFP+,
1 GbE Interfaces: 4x Copper, 4x SFP
Management Interfaces: 1
Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels: 10,000
VLAN Interfaces: 512
IPv6: Yes
Max. Connections: 1,250,000
Nodes Supported: Unrestricted
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Gold 24x7 Support for the SonicWALL SuperMassive 9200 Next-Generation Firewall - 1 Year
Gold 24x7 Support for the SonicWALL SuperMassive 9200 Next-Generation Firewall - 1 Year 10631 Gold 24x7 Support for the SonicWALL SuperMassive 9200 Next-Generation Firewall - 1 Year 01-SSC-4178
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Model: 01-SSC-4178

Condition: New

Overview: Gold 24x7 Support for the SonicWALL SuperMassive 9200 Next-Generation Firewall - 1 Year (Includes Direct Access 24x7x365 to a team of seasoned Support Engineers, phone, web and email support, firmware & software updates, Advanced Hardware Replacement, and access to support tools.)SonicWALL
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Proven Firewall Enterprise Appliance.
Deliver deep security to your enterprise at multi-gigabit speeds. The SuperMassive 9000 Series next-generation firewall (NGFW) detects and blocks the most sophisticated threats with minimal latency for every network connection. Save rack space and lower power and cooling costs.

Superior performance with a multi-core architecture.
Deliver deep protection from even the most sophisticated attacks without compromising your network performance. No other NGFW platform is even close to being capable of offering the breakthrough performance and unprecedented levels of protection found in the SuperMassive Series. The revolutionary multicore architecture and single-pass Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) engine raise the bar for NGFW protection. Inspecting every byte of every packet, regardless of the port or protocol, the high performance DPI capability found in the SuperMassive Series is a game changer and eliminates the protection-for-performance trade-off.

Eases administrative burdens.
SuperMassive enforces intelligent policy decisions to ensure security effectiveness, while slashing management burdens and organizational risk. SuperMassive’s intuitive user interface provides a consolidated, single-pane management view, easing administrative burden and reducing total cost of ownership. Enterprise administrators will also benefit from SuperMassive’s comprehensive real-time visualization with thorough on and off box reporting capabilities.

Built for extreme protection and performance.
The Dell™ SonicWALL™ SuperMassive™ 9000 Series features 4 x 10-GbE SFP+, 8 x 1-GbE SFP, 8 x 1-GbE and a 1 GbE management interface for flexible deployments. The design provides near-linear performance increases to deliver up to 20 Gbps of firewall throughput, 9.7 Gbps of intrusion prevention with application control, and 5.0 Gbps of malware protection. Comprised of the 9200, 9400 and 9600, the SuperMassive 9000 Series provides options for enterprise networks of any size.

SuperMassive 9000 Series features.
Combining sophisticated software with a massively scalable multi-core hardware design, the SuperMassive 9000 Series provides up to 9.7 Gbps of Next-Generation Firewall performance.

Next-Generation Firewall.
Tightly integrated with Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection™ to deliver intrusion prevention, malware protection, application intelligence, control and visualization, and inspection for SSL encrypted sessions. They scan every byte of every packet for the deepest level of protection and massively scale to extend state-of-the-art security to growing and distributed enterprise networks.

Application Intelligence.
Dell SonicWALL provides real-time insight and control of network traffic broken down by applications, users and content. The ability to prioritize important applications, throttle down unproductive applications and block unwanted application components ensures an efficient and safe network.

Intrusion prevention.
Tightly integrated, signature based network intrusion prevention protects against a comprehensive array of network and application layer threats by scanning packet payloads for attacks and exploits targeting critical internal systems.

Deep Packet Inspection for SSL encrypted traffic (DPI-SSL).
DPI-SSL transparently decrypts, inspects and re-encrypts SSL encrypted traffic to allow security services to be applied to all traffic that traverses Dell SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewalls.

Mobile Connect.
Mobile Connect™, available as a mobile app for Apple® iOS , Mac OSX, Kindle Fire and Google® Android™ mobile devices and embedded with Windows 8.1 devices, provides users with simple, policy-enforced access to corporate and academic resources over encrypted SSL VPN connections.

High performance.
Dell SonicWALL’s patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection engine combined with up to 32 processing cores ensures that the 9000 Series is capable of inspecting over one million connections simultaneously across all ports. With nearly zero latency and without file size limitations, the system provides more than 10 Gbps of full deep packet inspection throughput across 4 x 10-GbE SFP+, 8 x 1-GbE SFP, 8 x 1-GbE interfaces. Designed with power, space and cooling (PSC) in mind, SuperMassive provides the leading Gbps/Watt in the industry.

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