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Firewall Throughput: 1.4 Gbps
VPN Throughput: 240 Mbps
AV Throughput: 340 Mbps
IPS Throughput: 640 Mbps
UTM Throughput: 298 Mbps
Interfaces: 7x 1GbE
Concurrent Connections: 40,000
New Sessions/ per sec.: 5,000
VLAN Support: 75
Authenicated User Limit: 500
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WatchGuard XTM 330 with 3 Year Security Bundle - 1.4 Gbps Firewall, 240Mbps VPN, 190Mbps UTM; 7x 1GbE Ports
WatchGuard XTM 330 with 3 Year Security Bundle - 1.4 Gbps Firewall, 240Mbps VPN, 190Mbps UTM; 7x 1GbE Ports 11779 WatchGuard XTM 330 with 3 Year Security Bundle - 1.4 Gbps Firewall, 240Mbps VPN, 190Mbps UTM; 7x 1GbE Ports WG330033
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Model: WG330033

Condition: New

Overview: WatchGuard XTM 330 UTM Firewall with 3 Year Security Bundle - 1.4 Gbps Firewall, 240Mbps VPN, 190Mbps UTM; 7x 1GbE Ports - Security Bundle includes LiveSecurity Plus 24x7 Support, Application Control, WebBlocker, spamBlocker, Gateway Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention Service, and Reputation Enabled DefenseWatchGuard
This product is no longer in production.

Introducing the WatchGuard XTM 3 Series! The newest member of the XTM family is a powerhouse performer for small businesses that want next-generation security features and fast firewall/VPN throughput at a small-business price. The XTM 3 Series appliances include a suite of flexible management tools to give small businesses the tools they need to stay on top of network activity. They also include the Fireware® operating system for advanced networking features, including VLAN support, multi-WAN load balancing, and dynamic routing. Real-time monitoring and rich reporting are included at no extra cost.

Keep Traffic Moving
The XTM 3 Series provides up to 1.4 Gbps firewall throughput, 240 Mbps VPN throughput, and up to seven 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports to support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures and gigabit WAN connections.

Layer on Protection
WatchGuard offers eight security subscriptions for its XTM 3 Series solution, so businesses can build up protection where they need it most. Subscriptions can be purchased individually or bundled together for even greater savings.

Wireless Security with Guest Access
Everyone loves wireless. With dual-band 802.11/n, the XTM 33-W model delivers reliable wireless connectivity while allowing you to provide controlled Internet access to guest users without compromising security.

Application Control
Control the use of Web 2.0 and other applications on your network for tighter security, better use of bandwidth, and greater productivity.

VPN Setup in Seconds
Nothing could be easier than our drag-and-drop Branch Office VPN setup – three clicks and your remote office is connected.

3 Ways to Manage Your Appliance
Choose to use the management tool that suits your work style and the task at hand. Options include our feature-rich intuitive centralized console, a command line interface, or web UI for access from anywhere, anytime.

Fireware® Included
The Fireware® OS is included with purchase for advanced networking features like policy-based routing, dynamic routing, multi-WAN load balancing, and VLAN support.

Remote Connectivity Options
Includes SSL and IPSec VPN for flexibility in remote access, with support for Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Reporting Made Easy
Monitoring and reporting tools, included at no extra cost, support industry and regulatory compliance with drill-down functions that make it easy to pinpoint specific activities.

Faster, Safe Web Surfing
Add a simple subscription to Reputation Enabled Defense to your XTM solution and your organization will have faster web performance and even stronger security – with no additional hardware to buy.

Green Security
Our firewalls are designed with efficiency in mind, consuming very little energy. Compare our power consumption to other security products and see how WatchGuard can make your data center more energy efficient. Green up your network with WatchGuard.

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