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Serial Ports: 8
Internal Modem: N/A
Power Option: Ext. AC/DC
Flash Memory: 4GB
Ethernet Ports: 2
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Opengear Remote Branch Office Out-of-Band Manager, 8 Serial Cisco Straight, Ext. Power, 2x Ethernet, 4GB Flash
Opengear Remote Branch Office Out-of-Band Manager, 8 Serial Cisco Straight, Ext. Power, 2x Ethernet, 4GB Flash 12878 Opengear Remote Branch Office Out-of-Band Manager, 8 Serial Cisco Straight, Ext. Power, 2x Ethernet, 4GB Flash ACM5508-2
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Model: ACM5508-2

Condition: New

Overview: Opengear Remote Branch Office Out-of-Band Manager, 8 Serial Cisco Straight, Ext. Power, 2x Ethernet, 4GB FlashOpengear
This product is no longer in production. Click below to view its replacement:
Opengear - Opengear Resilience Gateway ACM7000, 8 Serial Cisco Straight, Ext. Power, 2x Ethernet, Dual SIM, 2 DIO, AT&T 4G LTE

The Opengear ACM5000 enables efficient management all the infrastructure at your local or remote site — from servers through networking equipment, power supplies, security cameras, door sensors, temperature & humidity monitoring and digital I/O sensing. The Smart OOB™ enabled Opengear ACM5000 remote site manager delivers secure remote monitoring, access and control of distributed networks and remote sites, delivering complete and uninterrupted out-of-band management of critical equipment.

The ACM5000 deploys alongside distributed IT, network and power infrastructure, providing always-available secure remote access, true out-of-band management, proactive monitoring and smart automated response capabilities. The result is rapid problem resolution and a drastic reduction in the need for expensive on-site technical visits.

Smart OOB™ for advanced out-of-band management
Maintain complete control during infrastructure fault conditions and network outages with serial, Ethernet and USB connectivity to critical infrastructure management consoles. Monitor infrastructure status as well as environmental conditions and physical sensors. Detect water ingress and physical tampering in remote cabinets with digital I/O sensor ports. Smart alert escalation through SNMP, email and direct SMS — extend the reach of Nagios or SolarWinds NMS and respond before a catastrophe. Automatically detect and recover from common causes of network outages including device misconfiguration and lock up. Smart OOB™ minimizes mean-time-to-repair and increases efficiency.

Multi-vendor, multi-device management
ACM5000 supports the widest array of network, IT and power infrastructure and vendors. Manage firewalls, switches, routers and WAN optimization via RJ45 or DB9 serial console, or Ethernet management interfaces. Vendor-neutral power management support for UPS and switched PDUs enables complete out-of-band power control and hotkey power cycling from inside the console management session.

Solutions for Cisco® installs
Immediate access to any Cisco device at any time from anywhere, with ACM5000's integrated serial and USB console server. Simple straight-through Cat 5 cabling to Cisco-style RS-232 consoles of remote routers, switches, security appliances and other network equipment — no special cables, no adapters. Detect console warnings and errors, break into ROMmon for remote provisioning and recovery. Built in TFTP server stores and serves IOS images, running configuration and offline logs.

Transparent failover and failback
The Opengear ACM5000 has a built-in 3G cellular or dial-up modem with smart failover features for improving reliability of network connectivity at remote sites. Failover to Cellular™ using reliable IP Passthrough technology provides continued Internet connectivity over high speed 3G networks and increases business continuity. Smart failover can also operate between dial-up PSTN, cellular and network interfaces to ensure out-of-band access to your IT devices is always available. This enables problems to be remediated promptly and remotely — without the need for on-site visits.

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